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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get Well Soon Yoon Eun Hye

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늦었지만 메리크리스마스 ~
전 어제 독감을 선물로 받았습니다
코가 맵고 콧물이...
목이 뜨겁고 기침이..
눈에선 불이..
다행이도 병원에서 처방받은약이있어 잘 버티면서 촬영중입니다!
여러분도 감기조심 하세용~~!
via SimplyTweet

 I don't understand Korean but i think Ms Yeh's latest tweet above told me that she is sick now and has to take that pils..
Her tweet reminds me to my latest mail to a friend where i told her that 2 days ago (Dec 24) i had a dream in which Yeh got hospitalized, but i didn't feel so sorry or sad coz she was sick but i felt very happy coz she was playing around  and asked me to join! Wuuuaaah,  i was really nervous and so excited (in my dream), we played hide and seek!  the mid of nite, in the hospital? so ridiculous! hahahaha I felt really bad when i wake up.. playing hide and seek was just not enough, why didn't i ask her to sing songs for me, take photos together with me, her signature, and hang out together??!
 Get Well soon Our Dearest Yoon Eun Hye unnie!
Take care of yourself!
Be and stay healthy!

Edit: i was right about her being sick and some days ago she tweeted her  recent condition, she got hospitalized and IV injected

빨리 낫기위해 링거 투혼하고있어요
I'm getting an IV injection to get well fast.
오늘은여기서 자고 으쌰으쌰 !일어나서
내일아침에 천하장사 유민으로 돌아가겠습니다 ~~!
I'll be sleeping here today, wake up with full of strength, and go back to being the "strongest of the world*" Yoo Min tomorrow morning~~!
기도많이 해주세요 (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Pray a lot for me (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
마블미 링거 맞으면서 전 잘라구요!! ㅋㅋ굿나잇
I'm going to sleep while getting some MBM (My Black Mini-dress) IV injection, keke..Good night.

아픈와중에 사진찍어올렸다고
How can they say that I'm a fake girl
just because photos were posted during sickness
I didn't even take those pictures.
나 힘내라고 스타일리스트 동생이찍어준사진인데..그래서 그 마음이 너무 예쁘기도하고
영화팀께 죄송하기도해서 올린건데
아픈사람보고 허세란다..
기분좋은맘으로 힘들어도 올린 이글들이 이렇게 상처로 돌아올줄몰랐다 속상하다..
My stylist took the pictures while wishing me to get well soon
I posted them because I felt grateful towards her and sorry towards the movie team.
And they are saying to a sick person that it's fake?..
It's frustrating. I didn't know that posts that I put up with good intentions would come back as scars.


서울엔 눈이 많이 내렸네요! 모두들 조심해서 다니시길 바라요!^^
It snowed a lot in Seoul! We hope everyone will be careful traveling!^^
삐뚤어진 눈에는 삐뚤어진 것만 보입니다. 사랑으로 가득한 우리가 되길 바랍니다.
If you look at things with crooked eyes, everything will look crooked.
Everyone, let's be people full of compassion.

But, some 'sick' people commented harshly to YEH and they think that her photos was just for attention. Come on dude!! who wanna be sick? that was crazily insane if you think that way! She is not the fake one like you think! 
Damn! i really wanna kick their butt, hit them by my very own hands and bring them in front of Ms YEH to apologize to her for their harsh stupid comments!!

Tweet translation done by CDBloom@yooneunhye.net

Saturday, December 25, 2010

More Goodies from Yoon Eun Hye

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Found these two cute pics and i fell wassa post it! :D

Cr: YEH's cyworld

Cr: yodya@yooneunhye.net

Monday, December 20, 2010

Miss Yoon Eun Hye don't be sad, ok?

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This morning i checked this Yeh.net , and what did i got? A sad translation of Ms Yoon Eun Hye's tweet..

YEH's tweet(s)
Dec 20, 2010
First tweet:
이젠 용서하자..
Let's now forgive..
용서란 무엇일까 .. 라는생각을 몇번이고 하게만드는 밤입니다..
What is forgiveness?..It's a night that makes me think over and over many times..
용서.. 참따뜻한 단어이기도하지만
참.......차가운 단어인것 같습니다
Forgiveness..It's a very warm word, but
it seems to be a very cold word..
상대방이 몰라준다한들
나만 용서하면 끝나는 일일거같은데..
모르고있는 사람덕분에 더.. 맘이 외롭습니다
It should be fine as long as I alone forgive
even if the person doesn't realize..
but because of the person who doesn't realize
my heart feels lonely..
나의 영혼이 번민하고 종일토록 마음에 근심하기를 어느 때까지 하오며 내 원수가 나를 치며 자랑하기를 어느 때까지 하리이까
How long will my spirit suffer and worry all day? And how long will my bitter foe gloat upon striking me down?
이 구절이 참 와닿는 밤입니다
It's a night when this (above) passage is very meaningful.
Second tweet:
아.. 계속 촬영이있다가 없으니.. 참.. 이상하다~ 요즘 하루하루가 너무 신난다 연기할수있어 감사하고 좋은분들만나 감사하고 그안에서 행복을 느낄수있어 감사하다.. 참.. 요즘만 같아라~
Ah..not having to film, after filming all the time..it's really strange~ Every day is so much fun these days. I'm grateful for the opportunity to act, grateful to be able to meet good people, and grateful that I can feel happiness within such situation...Really..let everyday be like these recent days~
 Maybe there's someone who made her sad and then she tried forgave that person.. Don't be sad my lovely unnie, i'm going to be sad too. When you forgive someone but that person doesn't realize, lonely really will follow you and then you'll drag to the empty room in your soul..

Translation done by: CDBloom@yooneunhye.net

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yoon Eun Hye's Lover In MBMD

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My Black Mini Dress really makes many fans of Yoon Eun Hye so curious about the guy whom will plays as YEH character lover  in that movie. Well, finally the guy shows up.. and here is the detail of him..
His name is Lee Yong Woo, his recent drama are Style and Birdie Buddy (not airing) and he was in the same photoshoot session with YEH on W magazine ed May 2009 (if i'm not mistaken)

 Everytime I see this pic.. I'm murmuring like "uumm, unnie.. :(" However she is so profesional and so clever so i can't stop loving her and support her always!

OMG!! Bath tube scene?? I'd just relize this, coz this is my first time seeing my lady in this pic. Well,  the bed scene is okay, but this Bath tube?? huuuaaaa, I'm FAINT

But, in this film YEH will  do some scenes where YEH and her lover.... hmm, you know what i mean, maybe the 18+ scenes? LOL

*EDIT:  Lee Yoo woong isn't the lover of YEH's character (Yoo Min) he is just a fling, and there are 3 guys around Yoo Min in this film

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yoon Eun Hye Having Fun on The Set

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An hour ago when i woke up from my long hibernation (9.14am now) first time i do was open my lovely laptop and go to my twitter account.. And... finally i found my fav lady Yoon Eun Hye's twitter update!!

"오늘은 부은얼굴로 촬영해야해서 어제 라면과 치즈소세지3개를 ~ 오늘은 현장에서 나눠준 분식을 흡입했다!
5시간동안먹은양에비해 ....쩝..
배만아픈듯 ㅋ
마이 블랙 미... http://post.ly/1K7HO "

 She is having fun on the set of her upcoming movie 'My Black Mini Dress' which will open on March (as planned). Let's hope for the best for her hard work! Fighting!!
*she really looks tired

cr: YEH's twitter

Yoon Eun Hye's Selca with Her Own Endorsement

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LMAO... Our dearest cute adorable Yoon Eun Hye recently update her twitter account and upload some photos of her and her endorsement. As we all know, months ago she was doing a filming with ACTZ detergent. She is so proud of her own endorsement and i think she was so excited finding one and eagerly take some pics.. hahaha

"촬영마치구 마트에 장보러갔다가~
내가 나를보고 넘 반가워했다는! 역쉬 5년 연속 1위~ 짱이구만!
ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ http://post.ly/1K08X "
"At a mart after  filming~ I was very happy to see myself! As expected, #1 for the last five years~ I guess it's the best! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ   "

*But, from these two cute pics, she looks really tired maybe coz of her tight schedule between filming or attending  great events.
*above are the rough translations, so please corect me and let me know if i did the wrong one..

BTW, here's some pics when she was filming ACTZ detergent

credit: DCUNE

*Both the baby and Eun Hye unni are so cuteeee~ even though YEH is older but her CUTENESS NEVER DIE!! Anyone notice there are two babies on the pics above?? hahha

Friday, December 10, 2010

Yoon Eun Hye and SNSD's Yoona Are Close Friend?

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So curious about Yoon Eun Hye and SNSD's Yoona relationship.. From The vid below seems they are close friend, and YEH looks like (definitely) an unni for Yoona.. YEH strokes Yoona's cheek warmly on Dec 9 2009 and the she hugs Yoona on Dec 10 2010.. Were the warm-unni-like just a coincidence coz YEH eagerly want to strokes her or hugs her? haha, ridiculous thougts of mine..
huhu, I wish YEH is my unni if there is another life.. haha

Credit: vegaspink@yooneunhye.net  & eunhye1320@yooneunhye.net

Taeyeon's MV for Athena:Goddess Of War Released

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SNSD's leader Taeyeon had just released her new MV for the upcoming KDrama "Athena: Goddess of War" starring Choi Siwon. This song titled "I Love You"
Check the MV below:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Golden Disk Award

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The 25th Golden Disk Awards was held on December 9, 2010 at the Hwajeong Gym in Koryeo University, and many top K-pop artists were in attendance.

The Winner

2010 Golden Disc Award Daesang
SNSD - "Oh!"

Disk Bonsang

DJ DOC - Im This Type Of Person
SHINee - Lucifer
Super Junior - Bonamana
BoA - Hurricane Venus

2010 Samsung Yepp Digital Music Daesang

2AM -"Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die"

Digital Music Bonsang
miss A - Good Girl, Bad Girl
IU ft. Seulong - Nagging
Lee Seung Gi - Love Taught Me How to Drink
CN BLUE - Im a loner
2AM - Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die

Hip-hop Award
Supreme Team

Rock Award
F.T. Island

Rookie Award

Popularity Award

Asian Popularity Award
Super Junior

Producer Award
Hong Seung Sung (Cube Entertainment)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Park Chun Seok (Trot singer and famous Korean composer that passed away this year)

Congratualations to the winners

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Siwon Had A Great Conversation with A Giraffe

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Super Junior's Siwon tweeted a cute pic today (pic below). As seen, he really had a quality time together with Miss Giraffe

http://twitpic.com/3dyaid - Oh..really? Hahaha I see I see, Having a conversation with Miss Giraffe :) about 9 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Jessica Accepted A Sexual Abuse ?

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This issue is spreading around today.. I don't know if this really happen or not. But when i watch the vid below carefully I was murmuring "ooow, o..o.. a pervert!"  Actually that was on my mind, and once again I stilll don't know if this happen.
This event was held on Dec 2. And you can  peer to the man who comes closer to Jessica and touch (not sure) Jessica's sensitive part when she is waving the flag. Then she respond quickly (stop waving) and take the mic for her speech.  Look pic below

Poor Jessica unni.. I really want to hit the pervert man! Go to hell pervert!!!

Credit: Soompi

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hyun Bin's Enduring Tracksuit?

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If you are following SBS curent drama Secret Garden staring Hyun Bin (Joo Won) and Ha Ji Won (Ra Im), undoubtfully you know this phenomenal-blue-sparkling-tracksuit that Hyun Bin's character loves so much!


But, what's happening in the pic below? Why does Ha Ji Won wear that phenomenal-blue-sparkling-tracksuit?

As we all know that both's character soul/body switches (Joo Won in Ra Im body and Ra Im in Joo Won body) . Even though Joo won in woman body, seems his favorite phenomenal-blue-sparkling-tracksuit would never die! This scene appears on episode 8, I laugh to die when Joo Won still wears it even though in his woman body. But actually,I love the phenomenal-blue-sparkling-tracksuit. Ha!

JYP Nation Concert

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Picture above is a poster of 2010 JYP NATION Concert. The concert will be held on December 24 2010. The classy look of this poster is great!
But hei, do you notice a woman with black hat?? That is Wooyoung!

My Black Mini Dress' Cast

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Today, there are many news about My Black Mini Dress. I'd already stated about this movie before, but that was just a rumour regarding to the other 3 actresses along Yoon Eun Hye. But now, the actresses who will star in this movie are now officially confimed.Park Han Byul, Yoo In Na and Cha Ye Ryun will star in this film along Miss YEH.

Yoon Eun Hye as Yoo Min

The female lead is the one and only Yoon Eun Hye. She plays as Yoo Min a 20's girl who really love such expensive and branded item in her life, i think she only buys the branded items only. I don't know the exact, is her role as a gold digger or something? I have no idea. But, some sources mention that way, but i don't think so..
Park Han Byul plays as Hei Ji, the born entertainer. Cha Ye Ryun as Soo Jin, who will be the one who always says the right words. And Yoo In Na as the luxurios girl Min Hee, she is curently in SBS drama; Secret Garden as Ah Young a best friend of Gill Ra Im (Ha Ji Won).
From these 4 charming actresses, I think the director Heo In Moo picked the pretty good casts. Though I just know 3 of them, but I have a good feeling in this film.

This film start filming last week, and the location was in a nail salon as I'd mention before. And will open in theatre in March (probably)

Park Han Byul as Hei Ji (Se7en girlfriend :D)
Park Han Byul was in Oh! My Lady along with Choi Siwon.

Cha Ye Ryun as Soo Jin
Cha Ye Ryun was in Dr. Champ that had just wrapped up

Yoo In Na as Min Hee

The director Heo In Moo picked the prettty good casts. The 4 charming acresses will gain the more interests for this film. Wish this film will success!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Black Mini Black *Update* first day shooting

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According to DCUNE.. Today location of YEH's shooting for My Black Mini Dress is in a nail salon..

Here is the salon

Here is the link for the Salon's preview  ---->> http://cieletlac.blog.me/120116302648

The first day of filming had ended about an hour ago
and according to someone who working on filming this movie, Yoon Eun Hye is so cool and Park Han Byul is coy!! I absolutely agree with her. and she adde that she would work tirelessly if there are some actors.. hahaha, looks like she isn't enough just staring at YEH and PHB whooooooooooole day!!

Credit: CDBloom@yooneunhye.net

Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Mnet Asian Music Award

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Mnet Asian Music Award 2010 aka MAMA 2010 was held yesterday November 28, 2010 at 6pm in Macau.
There are many Korean, Japanese, and Cheinese were attending. And for me, the only one person whom I really wish to came is Yoon Eun Hye! Two days ago there many reports regarding of Miss YEH sightings in Incheon, International Airport of Korea. So yesterday I was really sure that she would attend.
And of course, she did! She presented for The Best album Award won by 2NE1.
Miss Yoon Eun Hye was wearing a glamour red silky gown. She really owned the stage last night.
When she was starting to speak, the viewers were screamed out loud, so did I! I was so happy, excited, shocked, coz this is my first time saw her Live on TV (not TV, actually my laptop screen )

The funny thing is,  she did a "little cheering fan motion" and saying "Oh.. I'm such a big *fan"  when knowing that 2NE1 is the winner.
*She is a big fan of 2NE1, and I am absolutely sure that she fells that presenting was a grace, coz her Idol Group is the winner.

*Daesang Award (Grand Prize)
Song of the Year
miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Album of the Year
2NE1 – To Anyone  

Artist of the Year
*Singer Category
Best New Male Artist Award (not shown during broadcast)

Best New Female Artist Award
miss A

Male Group Award

Female Group Award

Male Singer Award

Female Singer Award (not shown during broadcast)

*Genre Category
Best Dance Performance – Solo
Rain – “Love Song”

Best Dance Performance – Male Group
2PM – “I’ll Be Back”

Best Dance Performance – Female Group
miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Best Vocal Performance – Solo
Gummy – “Because You’re A Man”

Best Vocal Performance – Group (not shown during broadcast)
2AM – “Can’t Send You Even if I Die”

Best Band Performance
Hot Potato – “Confession”

Best Rap Performance
DJ Doc – “I’m This Kind of Person”

Best Collaboration (not shown during broadcast)
Ga-In/Jo Kwon – “We Fell In Love”

Best Digital Single
Park Bom – “You and I”

*Music Video
Best Music Video
2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”

For the complete Award winner check allkpop.com

Credit: YEH.net , allkpop

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playful Kiss Special Episode 7

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The most I like!! 

Saengil Chukae for myself..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baek Seung Jo's Diary 7 Special Episode

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Selamat Ulang Tahun
Happy Birthday
(Rough translation Bahasa-English)

Apa semua wanita di dunia ini mau menerima benda seperti ini?
Do all women in this world want to receive those kinds of things?
memberi bunga atau membuat sebuah kejutan benar2 tidak cocok bagiku
Giving flowers or setting up a surprise event really doesn't fit me
Bukankah dengan ketulusan hati saja sudah cukup?
Isn't a sincere heart good enough?

Tapi mendengar mu berkata kamu tidak pernah mendapatkan bunga sangat menggangguku
BUt your weak voice stating you have never received flowers keeps bothering me
Tanggal 16 hari apa? Aku ada panggilan. Dan ada 2 operasi
What day is the 16th? i am on call. I also have 2 surgeries.

Sejujurnya kita berdua tahu, tapi akan lebih baik kalau kamu tidak tahu
To be honest, you and I both know but the important fact is
that you don't ned to know. hoo hoo
Oh Ha Ni :"Suamiku yang berpakaian rapi tiba-tiba muncul dihadapanku  membawa 100 bunga mawar sambil mengucapkan "Kejutan!" Dan makan malam di restoran dengan pemandangan yang indah. BUkankah itu ide bagus?"
My wonderfully dressed husband suddenly appears before me, with 100 roses
While saying, "Surprise!"
And have dinner at a restaurant with an awesome right view
Isn't it awesome?!"
Karena suami mu bukan orang yang bisa mengungkapkan sesuatu membuat mu susah. Saat aku bilang aku tidak bisa
datang saat ulang tahun mu kamu berkata tidak apa-apa, tapi suaramu terdengar sangat kecewa
Because you met a husband that's not good at expressing himself things that are a given, have become
something hard for you. When i said I couldn't come to your birthday you said it was alright, but your voice
was filled with dissappoinment

Bodooh.. Tunggulah.
Dummy... Just wait a bit.

Apakah ini rasanya cinta?
Is this what love is?
Baek Seung Jo yang hebat memohon kepada semua orang untuk berganti jadwal
The great Baek Seung JO is begging everyone to switch days
Membuatku membeli bunga...
Making me but flower...

"Hey Oh Ha Ni, Kamu harus bergegas keluar dari ruang emergensi. Hanya sedikit suster disana"
"Hey Oh Ha Ni, you're going to have to hurry and come out. There are't enough nurses in the emergency room. Hurry up!"

Kebohonganku membuatku muak
My playuful lie makes me nauseous
Bunga dan balon yang memalukan, sesuatu yang tidak pernah dilakukan Baek Seung Jo.
Tapi, selalu membayangkan betapa senangnya kamu membuat ku sebahagia ini.
From the embarassing flowers and ballons, something the every Baek Seung Jo never do.
BUt merely imagining how happy you will be  makes me this happy.
Karena seorang wanita hamil, semua yang sudah aku siapkan menjadi kacau
Due to the fussing pregnant lady, everything I prepared was messed up
Meskipun begitu itu adalah kewajiban seorang dokter. agak menyedihkan
Though it was a given for doctor, I was a bit saddened by it

Ha NI, Apa yang harus ku lakukana? Maaf.
Ha NI, What to do? Sorry.
Perasaan ku sudah mengkerut(?)..  Tapi kau teteap akan menerimanya kan? perasaan ku ini?
My feelings for you have been wrinkled.. BUt you're still going to accept it right? My feelings.
Ayo terus bersama-sama seperti hari ini sampai hari ulang tahu terakhir mu, sampai akhir hayat kita.
Dalam kesedihan dan kesenangan, ayo kita terus bersama-sama seperti hari ini.
Let's be together like today until your last birthday, until the end of our lives.
Both in sad times and happy times let's always be together like this

Cinta adalah janji. Kita akan mendapatkan cinta yang sempurna.
Love's pledge. We will achieve perfect love.
Mawar ini menandakan sedalanya yang tidak bisa aku ungkapkan
Let's confession. The rose signifies everything I which can't say
Maukah kau memahami hati ku?
Aku berubah seperti ini untuk mu.
Aku, orang yang satu ini, berangsur-angsur berubah menjadi orang bodoh karena ingin melihat mu tersenyum
Do you want to appreciate my heart?
That i'm gradually abandoning myself for you, this one person.
This I, this one person, gradually becomes an idiot because I want to see you smile
Selamat ulang tahun.
Aku mencintaimu Oh Ha Ni.
Happy Birthday to you.
I love you, Oh Ha Ni.

Selamat ulang tahun. Hari kamu dilahirkan untukku.
Hari yang membuat ku labih senang daripada kamu
Happy birthday. The day you were born in order for you to come to me
A day that i'm happier than you are.
Satu hal lagi. Nyanyikan lagu Selamat Ulang Tahun untukku, baru aku bisa meniup lilinnya.
One more thing. Sing me Happy Birthday, so that i can blow out the candles
BSJ: "Fine, since today is Oh Ha NI's birthday.Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you.. I Love.."
OHN:"That part! One more time! The part about you loving me, one more time! I love you. Oh Ha Ni's birthday.."
BSJ:"I love you Oh Ha NI.."
OHN:""One more time!
BSJ:"Hey, come one!

OHN:"Suamiku, sekali lagi"
BSJ:"Aku cinta kamu istri ku "
OHN:"Hubby, one more time"
BSJ:"I love you my wifey.. "

Aku mencintaimu, 10% dari kamu..
Hal yang tidak bisa aky lakukan dan hanya kamu yang dapat melakukannya..
Semua kekurangan dan kelebihan mu..
Aku Mencintai mu
I love you. That  10% about you...
I can't do it and it's something only you could do..
All of your strengths and weaknesses..
I love you.

Baek Seung Jo is the volumnious one but only with his heart not by his mouth!

After all I watched this drama, I only love the Special Episodes. Coz they are more interesting, I guess. Just my IMO..
By the way I love this 7 Special episode very very much, coz I was born on November 16, so, Oh Ha ni and I have the same birthday, and I feel like the writer made this episode especially for me!! Today, on the day i was born (Nov 16) i am happy more than Baek Seung Jo! hahahah



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