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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yoon Eun Hye's Lover In MBMD

Posted by wikewiw at 8:08 AM
My Black Mini Dress really makes many fans of Yoon Eun Hye so curious about the guy whom will plays as YEH character lover  in that movie. Well, finally the guy shows up.. and here is the detail of him..
His name is Lee Yong Woo, his recent drama are Style and Birdie Buddy (not airing) and he was in the same photoshoot session with YEH on W magazine ed May 2009 (if i'm not mistaken)

 Everytime I see this pic.. I'm murmuring like "uumm, unnie.. :(" However she is so profesional and so clever so i can't stop loving her and support her always!

OMG!! Bath tube scene?? I'd just relize this, coz this is my first time seeing my lady in this pic. Well,  the bed scene is okay, but this Bath tube?? huuuaaaa, I'm FAINT

But, in this film YEH will  do some scenes where YEH and her lover.... hmm, you know what i mean, maybe the 18+ scenes? LOL

*EDIT:  Lee Yoo woong isn't the lover of YEH's character (Yoo Min) he is just a fling, and there are 3 guys around Yoo Min in this film


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