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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


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From the title above i think it's clear enough.
YEHwarriors probably get upset and being so disappoint.

Yoon Eun Hye new upcoming drama was canceled by the production team. Since the news had started spreading there is no clarification yet, until now .
This news started spreading since YEH performance on August 22nd, in KIM JEUNG EUN's CHOCOLATE (a talkshow program in KOREA). Which BabyVOX was the guess star. In the interview, She revealed that she is looking for new scripts.

But still, YEH didn't say directly that "LOve Song was canceled".
But, the last spreading news Love Song is going to begin filming on September, and untill now there is no new announcement related to the male leading. And the production company haven't clarify anything yet.
So, let's hope this news is just a rumour.

Source: http://yooneunhye.net/

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cinderella's Sister (신데렐라 언니)

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Kayanya Indosiar udah beli KDrama baru...
Baru aja liat trailer Cinderella's Sister! Itu artinya gak lama lagi penikmat KDrama Indonesia bakalan di suguhin sama ni drama.

Sebenernya gw udah nonton episode 1-6 trus loncat ke 11-15 dan sisanya gw baca recapan dari dramabeans. Gak tau kenapa gw ngerasa gak rugi banget nontonnya loncat2 bin keputus2, soalnya bwt gw pribadi gak begitu menarik. Ceritanya udah bisa di tebak dari awal episode,, mungkin yang bikin drama ini beda dari drama2 lain adalah pemeran utamanya yang punya karakter yang keras, dingin dan gelap (kaya kamer kosan). :LoL
Kan biasanya yang namanya pemeran utama tuh karakternya orang tertindas, miskin, loveless, rada2 bloon kaya Han Jie Eun di Full House, atau ada juga yang karakternya anak manja, sifatnya keras, tapi aslinya baik banget kaya Kang Hye Na di My Fair Lady.

Tapi over all, drama ini gak jelek2 banget untuk di tonton, dan di Korea aja ratingnya bagus banget dan udah kebukti di Indonesia banyak peminatnya secara Indosiar langsung beli tuh drama beberapa bulan setelah tayang di Korea.
Awalnya gw pikir Cinderella's Sister bakal tayang taun depan, karena hampir semua drama Korea yang tayang di Indonesia adalah yang sudah tayang setaun sebelumnya di Korea.

Let's see seberapa antuasiasnya orang Indonesia sama drama ini..

Must Watch New Korean Drama

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 Since this drama is airing, i just can't keep my eyes away from the recap. This recap means the recaps of each episodes. I've read 4 recaps which means this drama already have 4 episodes aired (the connection is so bad, so i can't watch online just read the recapas one by one).
I have no interest in the male cast because he's not get my attraction (not good looking, actually  :LoL:). But i have big expectation in each episodes, and of course all my expectation is not a waste..
This drama is so funny, have fresh story,  this drama is about the nine tale fox who wants to become a human (a Korean Tale).

Here is the link if you wanna read the recap:MGiaG Recaps

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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I don't know why i have to post this. But i just feel that i have to.. :)

It's time for me to share all of my opinion of this drama.
Coffee House is the new Drama of SBS, actually this drama began airing in SBS since May 17 and had just wraped on July 27.
I watched this drama over and over, again and again, especially since my sister bought the dvd this morning. I just feel that i have to RERUN coffee house for the third time.

I really have big expectation to this drama since it'd been airing in Korea for the first time and I watch it online.
The things that made me like KDramas Freak (watching) are the characters that successfully make me laugh, and curious what their trully feelings are, the story which are so far from my own estimate.

The casts :

  1. Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo : A famous talented writer who had a weird relationship with his publisher. HIs character is so unidentify (for me), from the outside he is such a profesional, but he is a perfectionist freak that always makes all people around him can't stand (him) anymore. He always makes fun with her secretary and uses her secretary as his distress object. He has a great out look but... you can identify his character by watching this drama . . :D

  2. Park Shi Yeon as Seo Eun Young : A president of publisher company and runs her own cafe. She really hates Lee Jin Soo, but they are close friend for 10 years. They work together as the writer and the publisher, besides that their relationship turn to the enemy each other. But the one that she hates most is her Ex-Fiancee that always approaches her everyday. I admit she was doing her greatest role as Seo Eun Young in acting field.

  3. Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon : She is  Lee Jin Soo's secretary. She is an amateur
    Barista in her own cafe and have no special ability. Seo Eun Young is trying to be a Profesional Secretary, so she insists Jin Soo to hire her to be his secretary. First time she met Lee Jin Soo was in her cafe and she suddenly fall for him because of his charm. I admit it, that Lee Jin Soo has a charming personality (at the first time you met).  This drama is her first acting debut, so i just see her acting was just as the newbie actor. But in some last episodes her acting skills are going better.

This Drama have no mention about the first leading female, it means that this drama keeps the spectators guessing WHO WILL THE WIRTER END WITH. It sounds interesting, while the other dramas outhere always pairing the leading first and have no spectators to guessing.
Will it be EunSoo or YeonSoo.  BUt i really the EunSoo couple  :D

Two thumbs up for Kang Ji Hwan and Park Shi Yeon!! Their acting are so great. For me, both of them successfully play their role as Lee Jin Soo and Seo Eun Young. According to my sight, the roles are so difficult, in this case they are able change their mood quickly to play this role.

And I really love the ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS of this drama. Since i've watched this drama online, i have no idea why i download them to my laptop, and now i have them in my handphone too.. ^^
    Watch online: Watch Coffee House
    enjoy watching!!

    Source: allkoreandrama

    My Own Poor Header

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    I have no idea what my header banner (design) should be.
    because i'm NOT GOOD IN ARTWORK but i'm trying to make one by my own ability. haha
    I know my banner is so UGLY, make people's eyes hurt, but IT'S MY OWN BANNER.

    I try Photoshop to help me designing, but still i have no art touch in my hand so i just can upload my very very simple banner anyway..

    But, now i'm trying to dive in this artwork, Wish i can get my OWN BETTER BANNER  
    This is my (Crap) Better Banner

    Which one is better from this worst??
    NOTHING, i guess   :D

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    Things That I've just Realized Lately

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    So confuse whereabout to begin.
    This post actually about my own habbit that i've just realized lately.

    I've watched many K-Dramas since i was in elementary school (is it too young to watch Drama?? i think so  hahhaa) . Anyway, My first K-Drama is Autumn In My Heart a.k.a Endless Love. I love K-Dramas because of their story which so unexpected, full of tears, happiness,  full of great actors and actresess expressisons (meaning their great acting!), so touchy, and the good looking of actors and actresses.

    **Nostalgia for a while
    After my school time, i always waited for my fav drama. I was ready sitting in front of my TV and got so impatient enough that my fav drama begins. And then, tomorrow morning in school my friends and i start to discuss every single scene that aired yesterday. hahahaha  so classic, i miss this moments. but hours ago, i was ready sitting in front of my TV and got so impatient enough for 'You're Beautiful Last Episode' airing schedule (in my country). Seems my "school girl Habbit" just got back! hahahaha
    Since i love K-Drama, i have no many dramas that i've watched. Why????? Because i'm so picky to watch them.

    Since I'm picky enough in K-Drama, the Dramas that can be in my K-Drama list must have this criterias:
    1. Have Great Actors and Actress that i love (Won Bin, Song Hye Gyo, Yoon Eun Hye, Park Shi Yeon, Kang Ji Hwan, etc)
    2. Have the beautiful and handsome actors (if they don't have the good looking male-female leading actors, i probably won't watch @-@)
    3. Full of Laugh
    4. Full of tears
    5. unexpected plot
    6. unpredictable ending
    7. Great Soundtrack
    8. Classy Cars (fufufu ^^ )
    9. Colorful Scene but some has Darky Scene
    My picky, just drag me to this Dramas:
    1. Autumn In My Heart (Great)
    2. Winter Sonata (Good)
    3. Full House (Great)
    4. Sassy Girl  (Average)
    5. Memories in Bali (Great)
    6. Goong (not finish until NOW)
    7. Love Story In Harvard (Good)
    8. The World They Live In (not finish until NOW)
    9. Coffee Prince (Great)
    10. Briliant legacy (Great)
    11. The Woman Who Wants to Marry (Average)
    12. Iris (Great)
    13. You're Beautiful (Good)
    14. Oh! My Lady (Average)
    15. Cinderella's Sister (Not finish until NOW)
    16. Personal Taste (Average)
    17. Coffee House (Great)
    18. My Fair Lady (Great)
     *please don't judge my rate. i have my own rate based on my own eyes and heart.. :LoL:

    Last year Hallyu Atmosphere turned HOT, when the BBF a.k.a Boys Before Flower aired in Korea. And many kinds of  World (real world, cyber World) always made this BBF seems the best Drama of 2009. ~sigh~
    I have no idea why the "people" out there likes BBF. i don't like that drama. It's so childish for me (form my own opinion), the story is so expected and the story is very-very different from Hana Yori Dango. i feel so fortune not watched the drama until finish (i just watched the 1st episode and so lazy to continue). But there's only one thing that i love from BBF their handsome actors!! ahahahah. I turn to be the fans of Lee Min Ho and Kim Sang Bum!!!
        **actually i become their fans since i watched Kim Bum in The Woman Who Wants to Marry (2010) and Lee Min ho in Personal Taste (2010). maybe these two guys become more famous since their debut in BBF, but they become more famous in my heart since their Killer Smile in thier newest drama this year. :LoL:

    List below is my Next Should Watch Drama:
    1. The Vineyard Man (because Yoon Eun Hye is the female lead)
    2. Bad Guy (Just courius for the Video and the unpredictable ending, but i've read all the recaps of all episodes)
    3. Love Song (because Yoon Eun Hye is the female lead)
    4. Goong (i'm going to rewatch from the 1st episodes)
    5. The World They Live in (i'm going to buy the dvds and watch from the begining till the end
    6. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho a.k.a My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tail Fox (This drama is so funny, i've just been watching the first drama and it's sooooooooo entertaining)
    And here is the list of  Must Watch of  Newest Dramas:
    1. Coffee House (The total acting of Park Shi Yeon and Kang Ji Hwan successfully makes me LAUGHING in each episode, the unpredictable ending, the good soundtrack ). If You wanna watch this drama online just click-->>  viikii.net . And if you wanna read all the recaps of episodes just click-->>  http://www.dramabeans.com/tag/coffee-house/
    2. Bad Guy (the interesting story just got my attention, and actually i have no interest in their leading actor but i just got feeling that i have to buy the dvds and watch it!) If You wanna watch this drama online just click-->> viikii.net .  And if you wanna read all the recaps of episodes just click -->> http://www.dramabeans.com/tag/bad-guy/
    3. Love Song (I should include this UPCOMING DRAMA in my list, because YEH is the female lead, and this drama will be her first MELODRAMA DEBUT since her career in acting fields. I really wish this drama become success just like her elder dramas GOONG, COFFEE PRINCE, THE VINEYARD MAN and MY FAIR LADY)  can't wait to watch in KBS WORLD on this earlier year!
    4. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho (This drama is fresh from the open. hahaha. I mean, this drama have just begun airing in last 11th. The Genre is Romantic Comedy.) If you wanna read the recaps of each apisode just click-->> http://www.dramabeans.com/tag/my-girlfriend-is-a-gumiho/ . And if you wanna watch this drama online just click-->> dramafans.org

    Well, they all are just the reccomended K-Drama that got MY BIG ATTENTION.
    *** Last But Not Least
    Here are the Links If you really wanna watch K-Dramas Online (with English Sub) just click-->> viikii.net And dramafans.org

      Thursday, August 12, 2010

      Happy 1st anniversary YEH.net

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      It has been almost a year for YEH Warrior in YEH.net.
      Though i'm just a Baby Warrior but i'm so proud to be the member.
      Wish this fansite gains the member and keeps sharing and spreading this site to the whole world.

      credit gif:

      Wednesday, August 11, 2010

      Yoon Eun Hye's New Upcoming Drama !!

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      Yes!! This is gonna be The Most Wanted Greatest News ever ( for me actually ). Because i really really miss her acting especially in her new upcoming drama LOVE SONG. Love Song is a remake of Tian Mimi the Hongkong movie in1996 *this news had already spread since couple months ago.

      Thursday, August 5, 2010

      my nostalgic

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      now it's my turn to memorize my unforgetable moment when i'm in junior high..

      when i was in se7en grade (no offense for a 'band') my mom told me that i have to join a famous private english course in my city. actually, my teacher was a 71 years old called EMPE (i have no idea how to write his fam called, but that word's mean uncle in chinese).

      my first impression for him was he's a kind lovable man. but......


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      waduuh,, mati gaya benget hari ini..
      dalam hati yang paliing dalam pengen banget ngerapiin blog, cas cis cus di facebook, di yooneunhye.net, dan akun-akun lainnya.
      mau ngepos ini aja mikir2 satu jam, huruf apa yang bakal di ketik. apakah aku harus mengetik huruf 'A' sesuai dengan urutan di alfabet??
      baru mw ngepos aja uda kaya gini, apalagi mau mempercantik *diri??  *blog maksudnya :D

      bener2 dah, hari ini kaga ada ide bwt ketak ketik..
      dari tadi cuma login ke semua akun, trus cuma buka page per page; wish there's interesting one.
      malahan sempet buka twitter juga,,, weleh-weleeh... itu hal yang tidak wajar  : karena baru hari ini  tu twitter di buka. PS: cuma di buka, gak ngetwit, de el el .
      nah, kalo pada penasaran sama twitter silahkan buka (sunah) atau follow (wajib) http://twitter.com/wikeeeee



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