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Friday, October 22, 2010

Park Shi Yeon's Cosmo New York Shoot

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This actress is not my favorite actually, but i pay my big attention on her last drama Coffee House. She did a gret role as Seo Eun Young on that drama.

She was recently shooting for Cosmopolitan in New York. Her pose is really fit to every attire she wearing, she looks soo a warm mysterious woman in casual and  be a glamour one once she wears the gown!
Her mysterious image... ^^
This pic which i love the most.

If i have to compare between her and YEH, absolutely i choose ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Wikeee's note: I don't know why i really love lurking on the net and pay a lot of attention to the magazine or clothing line shoot.. I just feel i need to post them..

YEH's Art Touch

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Yoon Eun Hye is not just an actress, a model, a singer but she also an artist!!
She can draws very very well, and her art touch is undoubtfully AWESOME!!

Let' enjoy the another pics of our Yoon Eun Hye's

Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah in KAA Awards

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Do you miss the Hoi~Hoi couple??
I miss them so much, and  fortnately i found theses 2 videos!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yoon Eun Hye at Basic House Catalogue For Winter

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Look at her A.W.E.S.O.M.E.N.E.S.S!!!
I'm soooooooooooo speechless, she is so beautiful, gorgeous as always. She is just too perfect for all of the attires she is wearing..
I have nothing to tell anymore! Enjoy these pics!!


Video is at the bottom^^

Lee Minho, Great Discovery!!!

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LOOK what i've found while lurking on facebook!!

This cute lovely guy with his new hair style really drive me crazy, and now i am surely can't sleep well tonight!! hehhe

These pics was taken on his recently fan meeting in Thailand.. He was holding that fan meeting on 14-17 Oct 2010.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yoon Eun Hye's Debut As A Singer In Japan *Not Confirmed yet*

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This is a super surprising great news ever!

Just note that Yoon Eun Hye is the First Female Hallyu Star who debut as a singer in Japan..
This is a proof that she is a really multitalented star!! She can acts, sings, and model plus has a kind hearted personality (as we can see her recent bazaar on her agency company)
SHe is preparing to release an album in the early of 2011!!

The House Company stated:
“We haven’t finalized the contract so we can’t release the details, but we have completed discussions with a global recording studio. We have agreed to work with an experienced Japanese producer who has worked with many famous idol stars.”
The other female Hallyu stars were just holding fan meetings not more. But Yoon Eun Hye is gaining interest as the first female Hallyu star to become active as a singer in Japan. Her sweet soft unique voice 's attracted Japanese producer to works with her.

*New Update 2010.10.18
But I think, this is not 100% confirmed, coz YEH was tweeting this days ago
On Thursday 14th October 2010, said:
"크하하 일본에서 음반내는거 아직 미정입니다..
창피하다 히히 부끄(^_^;)"

"제안이 들어온건 사실이예요 이번 팬미팅끝나고 ~
노래두 잘 못하는데 신기하네요ㅋ
넘 기대해주신분이 많아서 ㅠㅡㅜ 혹여나 실망하실까봐..
확정되거나 계획이생기면 소식알려드릴께요
오늘 하루 마무리잘하세요~뿅!!"
"Hahaha..Releasing an album in Japan hasn't been decided yet..
It's kinda embarrassing, heehee..(^_^;)
But it's true that we've received the offer after the fan meeting~
It's kinda surprising when I'm not that great in singing, keke
Because so many people are looking forward to this ㅠㅡㅜ just in case you get disappointed..
I'll let you know if it becomes a sure thing or if the plans are set..
Have a great ending to your day~ Love you!"

~FYI, I was so curious, shocked, and happy because after an article which about her Japan Singing Debut is in YEH.net main site, she tweeted like that. It seeems she was viisiting and reading that article in YEH.net and confirmed us that it is not decided yet.~

And just for refreshing our memory, YEH is preparing her movie and drama too. Seems next year is gonna be YEH and Warriors' Year!! In 2011 Yoon Eun Hye will treat her Warriors very well with her 3 super surprising shocking projects Movie, Drama, and an Album

Credit: CDBloom

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's Up Song Hye Kyo??

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It's been a long long long time I didn't hear the news about Song Hye Kyo..
So curious what's she doing now, is she in a drama or movie project?, Does she do many CF?
I really miss her (acting).. I like her coz her acting as Han Ji Eun in a Hit Korean Drama Full House (2004). BUt still, the only actress that I love so much is YEH. hahaha

Her last movie project was Hang Jin Yin and drama is The World Within (2008).

A minute ago I was lurking on Dramabeans and found articles related to her project.
Actually, months ago she was filming her next movie in China, and the movie is about an Action MOvie. Is this mean Song Hye Kyo will be an Anciton Star?? Probably!

Her next role in The Grand Master (Movie title), the martial arts movie directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai, and will apparently be displaying some “real action” skills in the film.

She has been traveling back and forth between Korea and China since last December, and practicing her Chinese language and martial arts skills too. The Grand Master recently began filming, and is planning for a release in the second half of next year.

Source: Dramabeans

YEH's Charity Fair *New Update 2010.10.18*

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This pic is from her cyworld at her charity last year

“이번주 토,일 (9.10일) 12:00~ 20:00 한남동 THE HOUSE 에서 바자회합니다 수익금의 일부가 좋은일에쓰입니다^^
많은관심부탁드립니다~ 약도와주소올려드릴께요(^_−)−☆”

“This Saturday & Sunday (9/10~11) 12:00~ 20:00 There will be a bazaar at the Hannam-dong THE HOUSE (YEH’s agency).
Part of the proceeds will be used for good works (charitable purpose) ^^ Please show lots of interest in it~ I’ll post the address and the map (^_−)−☆”
 Woooaaaah... This will be a great grace for me if I can be at her Bazaar!! I really wish can buy all of her items. All the items are directly from her own closet!!

" "바자회 오시는길 한남동 96-3 신성미소시티 101-102호 더하우스^^입니다 지나가는분들이벌써부터 사시겠다고하시네요^^ http://post.ly/12jtm"

"The location of the bazaar is 96-3 ShinSungMisoCity, #101-102, The House. People passing by are saying that they want to purchase items already^^"

Items in her Bazaar

And I assume that in first day items were sold out coz yesterday she tweeted:

" 오늘 바자회가 성황리에끝나 기분좋긴한데 물건이별로없어 걱정이네요 ..집에가서 다시옷장을 뒤져봐야겠습니다! ㅎㅎ오늘 오신분들 모두 감사합니다~ 더 하우스 일동!! "
" I'm feeling good because today's bazaar ended with great results, but I'm worried because we don't have many items left .. I better go home and check my closet again! hehe Everyone who came today, Thank you ~ The House family!! "

 New Update
오늘도 많은분들이와주셨네요 감사합니다!
오늘 몸이 너무 안좋아서 현장에가질못해 아쉬웠습니다..ㅠㅡㅜ잉잉
몇일동안 잠을못잤더니 몸살났나봐요!!ㅠㅠ
여러분들이 함께해주신 바자회
수익금을 좋은일에쓰겠습니다!
그리고 네리여러분들께서 모아주신 기금까지 잘 전달하겠습니다!!다시한번더 감사드립니다 !!
쵝오쵝오☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Many people came today. Thank you!
I was disappointed that I wasn't able to go today because my condition was really bad..ㅠ-ㅜ ing ing (crying sound)
I guess not having been able to sleep for few days made my body ache all over.
The bazaar that you guys were all part of..
We'll use the proceeds for good deeds!
And the donation you guys at Neri collected, we'll make sure that they get it!!
Thank you again!!
You're the Best,Best☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The stuffs are gone!! The bazaar is very success

Actually, this Bazaar is her 2nd, she was holding the same bazaar on 2009. This bazaar locate at her agency The House Company. Our YEH is a really kind-hearted woman, she helds this event for some charity.. This is a video took by a fan on her bazaar last year..

If I am a Korean, this weekend I'll make sure go to her bazaar, grab all cute items, and grab her for a pic together with me.. Poor me and other Warriors in yooneunhye.net, coz none of us will go to the bazaar, even there is a Korean (that I know), he can't go there so maybe we don't have the detail pics of the bazaar... ~I want more!!
Credit: cool translator CDBloom@yooneunhye.net, nikekilik
Pics: her twitter and cyworld

Are they Hoi~Hoi couple or Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah?

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Is this movement in the drama? O.o
I've been blinded by these cute gifs
I glanced at them, and I thought the couple in the pics were hoi~hoi couple. But, there's a strange movement of them, maybe just my imagination. Take a look at these!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Vote for Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜 YEH, Just For Fun!

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Here's the instructions:
  1. click on 게임시작 (start game) in the middle
  2. in the left column in blue click on 여자배우 (actress) the second one on the list
  3. click on either of the two options (show 1 photo/show 2 photos on mouse over)
  4. click on the bottom link
  5. click go
  6. you will see 2 pictures one of which will be YEH, obviously CLICK ON YEH!
  7. Like the soccer worldcup, there will be 64 participants, and then whoever you click on will make it through to round of 32 -> round of 16 -> quarter finals -> semi finals -> 3rd place winner -> finals -> winner
  8. Click the "Click here to read more" button to VOTE

About Me & KDrama

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I better write this "About Me and KDrama" post than wait for my online streaming reach the goal.. hehe (I'm watching online My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho Last episode now ^^). Coz it's a waste just waitting w/o anything to do, so I better go to post some about me..
Maybe it's an Uninteresting post of my blog, but since I've stucked to write so maybe all I can do to kill my time is post about myself and KDrama (my version only) ^^ narcism detected!

Start from my real name, Dwike Ragil Lestari I'm an 19 years old girl. I have a habbit which always follow me everyday since I was in elementary school that is Watching KDrama hehehe. I really love KDrama and many things made me into them.

Coz of my habbit so I can't pull myself now. For the proof, I have one most favorite Korean Actres. Just note, I'm not kind of a girl who easily impressed of anything and now after I watching Goong, Coffee Prince, and My Fair Lady I like the girl in that drama. Her natural acting, cute face, sexy lips, caring, mature and kind-hearted personality really made me impressed for the first time I saw her.
Maybe it's an abnormal coz I'm a girl, but that's what I fell until now. She is the first celebrity who got my fully attention and successfully deceives my heart tightly :D
Coffee Prince (2007)

My Fair Lady (2009)

Goong (2006)
Since I'd watched many KDrama I supposed to be have many fav actors or actresses, yeah that's true. I like some actors and actresses but only coz of their acting, good-looking face and no more interest instead. Even I haven't found

Won Bin's New Movie Project

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Yay, Yay!!! I'm so excited to know this news!! Finally my Fav Actor comes out with his new project!! Actually I'd read many articles related months ago, but just have his news in my mind this time.. hehehe

Won Bin was recently filming a thriller movie titled "Ahjusshi" aka "The Man From Nowhere" . This movie was released last August 4 and at its first week had become # 1 box office in Korea and had 1 million admittance!
Seems Won Bin was the most wanted coming back actor by his fans ~myself ^^

His role in this movie is a recluse who has only one little girl as her friend. One day he little girl is kidnapped and Won Bin is trying to rescue her. He played as Tae Shik a hermit who has a hidden past an isolated himself from the world.

This film will be in US theatres this October. I wish this film will be screening in my country too... hehe

Click the "Click here" button to see the trailer ^^

"From Now On I Love You" My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho OST

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Ternyata OST drama My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho yang dinyanyiin sama Lee Seung Gi aka si Cha Dae Wong ada MV nya juga..
Denger-denger MV nya ini kurang lebih bisa dibilang tribute to dramanya itu sendiri..
Di MV nya juga gambar-gambar Behind The Scene MGIG semua..

Credit pic: dclsg

daripada penasaran mending langsung cek TKP deh, Vid is in the bottom ^^

Yoon Eun Hye Upcoming Movie

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Yoon Eun Hy's representative said, "A representative of Yoon Eun Hye stated, "We can't reveal the details at this time, but we've decided to accept the role because the character fits Yoon Eun Hye well. Because the movie is to be released early next year, she will go into filming soon".
This is her official acceptance of the movie. This movie scheduled in theaters on January. This movie will be her second movie after Escaping Charisma (2006). The possibly title of this movie is "My Black Dress".
She will play a mature woman character, Aah~ I'm so impatient and really wish this year ends soon ^^
Her role as Shin Cae Kyong on GOONG (2006)
If she play this role, this will be her first mature character since her last role was just a teenage girl or immature woman. In this movie we will her real  mature character. Just note, our Yoon Eun Hye has a mature personality.

She should be really busy this time coz her tight schedule.. Eun Hye Onie, Fighting!!

Source:  YEH.net
Credit: CDBloom

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Young Girl Warrior

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What's wrong with my Header Banner?? Is it a mistaken??
BIG NO, is the right answer!!
Coz I love Yoon Eun Hye start from her charismatic personality, pretty face, fashion style, kind-hearted soul, down-to-earth personality, and of course her natural acting.
She is the first actress that already stole my heart,, lol i'm a girl but i admire her so so so so much!!
And today is her birthday, she turns to 26 years old, but in  the Korean count she is 27 years old.(coz Korean start counting the age start from 1 years old after being born). So this post and my header banner are tribute to Yoon Eun Hye Birthday..
Saengil Chukae Unnie ^^

I was never get attracted by actors or actresses before, but after I watch her first debut in Drama Goong on 2007 in my country, Damn! she had stollen my heart from the first sight.. agak lebaay >.<
Then I start surfing on the webs and searching about her, and I got more attracted when knowing that she is the real good personality Walking Doll! hehe
But actually, her first appears  in Goong got many antis!! Many Koreans hate or disappointed when knowing she plays the role of Shin Chae Kyong, but as the time goes by the antis turn to fans and praise her natural acting and many more..

And my eyes always get hooked by her fashionista way! I don't know why everything she wears always looks fit and good on her, is it just me?? No, all my Warriors Friends think the same way like I do.. ^^
I really love her fashion way, even sometimes she often wears a you-can-see-through outfit hehe (some guys will drooling :D), but OMG! I love her fashion style.
And Yoon Eun Hye really loves wears Kill High Heels, as we all know that she is tall enough but seems she realy likes wearing 3 inches heels. NOt only a kill high heels, she also likes wearing big earings too.
Yoon Eun Hye at Chanel Winter Party on September, 28 2010 (Pic from her twitter account)
 She does many CF and she is A CF Queen in Korean Commercial Industry, and Basic House is a clothing line which cooperate with her for years. Pic below is a Shoot for Basic House Autumn Edition with Kim Hyung Joon (Playful Kiss)

I love her because she always caring and so mature, and of course her loyalty is never deniable.
When she played her role i My Fair Lady (2009) as Kang Hae Na, she got many insults of her accent and many Koreans outhere criticized with a harsh words about her role. She really got a  hurtful criticized ever! She was crying and said sorry for the antis who really don't like her at that time, but she really proved to the poeple who sent her a harsh words with her awards on KBS Drama Award 2009, She wins  many categories like Best Couple with Yoon Sang Hyun (My Fair Lady), Popularity Awards (MFL). She really did her best during the harsh words hit her! Yeah, that's what i'm talking about, she is the Young Girl Warrior!

  1. 2009

    • KBS Drama Awards – Most Popular Award (My Fair Lady)
    • KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award (with Yoon Sang Hyun in My Fair Lady)
  2. 2008

    • The 44th Baeksang Arts Awards – Best Actress (Coffee Prince)
  3. 2007

    • MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award (Coffee Prince)
  4. 2006

    • The Grimme Awards – Best Actress (The Vineyard Man)
    • KBS Drama Awards – Best New Actress Award (The Vineyard Man)
    • KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award (The Vineyard Man)
    • MBC Drama Awards – Best New Actress (Goong)

Many people really love her so much as I do. Recently she held a Fan Meeting in Japan. As I read many articles related to her FM, the attendences are not only from the young people, but there are also old people maybe in their 50-60s years old. Seems Yoon Eun Hye really gets much attraction by every level ages (teenagers, 20s-60s).

This pics taken at Japan Fan Meeting last September 18, 2010

She also singing on that FM, and I really really really love her cute unique soft voice. She was singing 3 songs
 The pic below was taken at Haneda Airport, Japan on her way back to Korea (from her Posterous on Twitter)

Saengil chukahamnida...
Saengil chukahamnida...
Saranghaneun Eun Hye onnie...
Saengil chukahamnida...

This cool pic created by yodya@yeh.net

Happy Birthday our Beloved Yoon Eun Hye, Wish you turn into a better person, always happy and health, your carrier still on the rocket jet, be the tougher woman and God always leads your way!!
And don't forget The Warriors will always wait for you tiredlessly and be ready to get you up once you get fall and support you till the end. 
But promise us you will just walk without any matters once you are really in the unfortunate state. Coz you have us, you always deserve our love unnie! :D

Credit: Yeh.net  , Yodya@yeh.net, YEH's Twitter

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho Episode 16 Cut Scenes ~ END~

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All I can say after reading eps 16 recap this last episode really makes me cry, may I repeat?  just read the recap I was crying! Not a cheapy sobbing but the expensive crying! :lol:

Hong Sister really can entertain the viewers, why?
  1. The hurt and painful scenes are in the line, but next a few minute you turn on the cuteness
  2. Your sense of humor is undeniable
  3. You succeed break my heart into million pieces, but afterward you put them together
  4. The crazy sick things are on the way, and suddenly you turn on the hopefull things
  5. You trapped my whole soul in the story without I realized
  6. Your ability of dragging me is so so so so so Woongtastic!
  7. Your undeniable of breaking my icy heart really make my tears fall down, Tons of tears, actually!
  8. I can't ignore you as long as i've tried repeatedly your show always in my mind
  9. Hong Sister, neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu chua
Hong Sister is the writers of My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho.

     Episode 16 Recap (Cut)
    Mi Ho reveal her only last one tail to Dae Woong. Dae woong responds in desperate "Then, you are still dying?" Mi ho says that she can't give up to become a human. I am sobbing here.

    She returns to Dong-joo and confesses to removing her fox bead. He reels at the realization that since the moment she came to him, she had already given up. She can’t become human, or even half like him, so this is the extent of what she can do, to protect Dae-woong. She asks him to return the bead to Dae-woong, and lie to him so that he’ll take it back.

    Dong-joo meets Dae-woong and lies to him on the hundred days Mi Ho will save if Dae Woong take the bead and fiil it with his ki. Coz Dong Joo will kill him and return the bead to Mi Ho.
    Dae-woong drinks the bead without any fear nor thingking twice. Dae Woong tells Dong Joo to kill him alone, and he'll returns the bead to Mi-ho safely.
    As Dae-woong leaves, Mi-ho appears and insists  they should go far away,never appear in front of Dae-woong again.
    Go to the day Mi Ho and Dong Joo plan to go away, Dong Joo shows up at the airport to meet Mi-ho. He asks her wether this is what she really wants. He tells her that he thought love was doing what the other person wanted, but then regretted it for a thousand years. He swore to never make that mistake again, but this time, he’s retracing his steps. So he did the only thing he could do to protect her, because even if he gave his own life, it wouldn’t save her.
    As Mi Ho says Thank You to Dong Joo, her eyes full of tears. Then Dong Joo continues he's not the one who stay y her side till the end, the person is right here,, then Dae Woong shows up while running
    Dae-woong: You’re really…a terrible gumiho. You put a human under your spell and took his ki, and now you’re ripping his heart, you really are a scary gumiho!
    Mi-ho: I’m sorry. But can I stay by your side,even if being with me is scary and painful?
    Dae Woong pulls Mi Ho and hugs her.

    The grandma above, is the Shamsin grandma who comes out from the painting. I have a good feeling when she shows up! Let's go to the next important scenes!!

    That day, Dae Woong asks Mi Ho to eat Kimchi, but Mi Ho refuses coz she doesn't like vegies and green thing. She asks for a kiss on the cheek after she eats it, but he offers her a kiss on the lips, so Mi Ho eats up all the kimchi on the table. hahaha, They. are. so. cute!

    Jump to aunt Min Sook and director Ban wedding, Dae Woong and Mi Ho take a cute pic together
    Dae Woong really know tha Mi Ho really really wanna be a bride so, he gets her red dots on her face and take it on a photo. Look at her bright face!! I love her natural kiddo smile :D Mi Ho puts the pic in her photo alnum and says “In five hundred years, I’ve finally found my groom. Because he loves me so so so so so much, he can give me everything. I’ve found him.”

    Jump to the hundred day!!
    Dae Woong asks to Mi Ho if  she wants to go to somewhere. But Mi Ho asks whether he isn’t tired, since they haven’t slept for days. They absolutely won't sleep coz want to spend time together! Then, Mi Ho takes out the lotion, and puts some on his face. Look at his eyes!! Look, there's something in his eyes.. so touche, i'm crying.. T.T

    They go to see the chicken shop ajumma, butshe’s away in the country, so she won’t be back till tomorrow. Unfortunately, Aunt Min-sook and Grandpa, are away until tomorrow. Mi-ho says the words out loud: “Tomorrow…I will not be here.”
    The couple decide to go to the fountain that Mi-ho likes, when they arrive, it’s under repair. Mi-ho says it’s okay, but Dae-woong starts shaking as he says it has to be today, and walks, angrily. With his back turned so that Mi-ho can’t see, he is crying. She knows what a brave face he is putting on for her benefit. But then,  he pushes his tears back then turns around, smiling as he reaches out his hand to her.
    Look, Look, take a good Look everyone!! he tries his best to hide his tears!! I wet my keyboard!!!

    They back to the gym and spend the rest of their night in the gym, light fireworks,
    Mi-ho: Were you really that scared, back then? 
    Dae-woong: Yes. But as scared as I was then, I’m a hundred times more…right now.

    She covers his eyes as he starts crying. Her face is full of Tons Of Tears, she tells him to think of  everything they have been through together as a dream, after the moment she appeared. So, when he opens his eyes, it won’t hurt so much. They both cry, with her covering his eyes to keep him from having to watch her disappear. Im crying too~~ gasp, gasp

    Dae-woong: Don’t go. 
    Mi-ho: Forget all the scary stuff. And remember me as a really really really really good dream. As Mi Ho kiss Dae Woong for the last time, she disappers right that moment!!


    After he open his eyes, Mi Ho isn't in front of him, that's a big sign of Mi Ho disappearence. Mi Ho's gone!!



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