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Friday, October 8, 2010

Vote for Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜 YEH, Just For Fun!

Posted by wikewiw at 10:37 PM
Here's the instructions:
  1. click on 게임시작 (start game) in the middle
  2. in the left column in blue click on 여자배우 (actress) the second one on the list
  3. click on either of the two options (show 1 photo/show 2 photos on mouse over)
  4. click on the bottom link
  5. click go
  6. you will see 2 pictures one of which will be YEH, obviously CLICK ON YEH!
  7. Like the soccer worldcup, there will be 64 participants, and then whoever you click on will make it through to round of 32 -> round of 16 -> quarter finals -> semi finals -> 3rd place winner -> finals -> winner
  8. Click the "Click here to read more" button to VOTE
  9. so once you're left with this screen:
Click on the link marked with arrows and then click on either of the two options and it's done

Vote, vote!!

Credit: smr05@YEH.netfor the complete instructions ^^


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