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Saturday, October 9, 2010

YEH's Charity Fair *New Update 2010.10.18*

Posted by wikewiw at 7:54 PM
This pic is from her cyworld at her charity last year

“이번주 토,일 (9.10일) 12:00~ 20:00 한남동 THE HOUSE 에서 바자회합니다 수익금의 일부가 좋은일에쓰입니다^^
많은관심부탁드립니다~ 약도와주소올려드릴께요(^_−)−☆”

“This Saturday & Sunday (9/10~11) 12:00~ 20:00 There will be a bazaar at the Hannam-dong THE HOUSE (YEH’s agency).
Part of the proceeds will be used for good works (charitable purpose) ^^ Please show lots of interest in it~ I’ll post the address and the map (^_−)−☆”
 Woooaaaah... This will be a great grace for me if I can be at her Bazaar!! I really wish can buy all of her items. All the items are directly from her own closet!!

" "바자회 오시는길 한남동 96-3 신성미소시티 101-102호 더하우스^^입니다 지나가는분들이벌써부터 사시겠다고하시네요^^ http://post.ly/12jtm"

"The location of the bazaar is 96-3 ShinSungMisoCity, #101-102, The House. People passing by are saying that they want to purchase items already^^"

Items in her Bazaar

And I assume that in first day items were sold out coz yesterday she tweeted:

" 오늘 바자회가 성황리에끝나 기분좋긴한데 물건이별로없어 걱정이네요 ..집에가서 다시옷장을 뒤져봐야겠습니다! ㅎㅎ오늘 오신분들 모두 감사합니다~ 더 하우스 일동!! "
" I'm feeling good because today's bazaar ended with great results, but I'm worried because we don't have many items left .. I better go home and check my closet again! hehe Everyone who came today, Thank you ~ The House family!! "

 New Update
오늘도 많은분들이와주셨네요 감사합니다!
오늘 몸이 너무 안좋아서 현장에가질못해 아쉬웠습니다..ㅠㅡㅜ잉잉
몇일동안 잠을못잤더니 몸살났나봐요!!ㅠㅠ
여러분들이 함께해주신 바자회
수익금을 좋은일에쓰겠습니다!
그리고 네리여러분들께서 모아주신 기금까지 잘 전달하겠습니다!!다시한번더 감사드립니다 !!
쵝오쵝오☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Many people came today. Thank you!
I was disappointed that I wasn't able to go today because my condition was really bad..ㅠ-ㅜ ing ing (crying sound)
I guess not having been able to sleep for few days made my body ache all over.
The bazaar that you guys were all part of..
We'll use the proceeds for good deeds!
And the donation you guys at Neri collected, we'll make sure that they get it!!
Thank you again!!
You're the Best,Best☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The stuffs are gone!! The bazaar is very success

Actually, this Bazaar is her 2nd, she was holding the same bazaar on 2009. This bazaar locate at her agency The House Company. Our YEH is a really kind-hearted woman, she helds this event for some charity.. This is a video took by a fan on her bazaar last year..

If I am a Korean, this weekend I'll make sure go to her bazaar, grab all cute items, and grab her for a pic together with me.. Poor me and other Warriors in yooneunhye.net, coz none of us will go to the bazaar, even there is a Korean (that I know), he can't go there so maybe we don't have the detail pics of the bazaar... ~I want more!!
Credit: cool translator CDBloom@yooneunhye.net, nikekilik
Pics: her twitter and cyworld


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