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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho Episode 16 Cut Scenes ~ END~

Posted by wikewiw at 8:56 AM
All I can say after reading eps 16 recap this last episode really makes me cry, may I repeat?  just read the recap I was crying! Not a cheapy sobbing but the expensive crying! :lol:

Hong Sister really can entertain the viewers, why?
  1. The hurt and painful scenes are in the line, but next a few minute you turn on the cuteness
  2. Your sense of humor is undeniable
  3. You succeed break my heart into million pieces, but afterward you put them together
  4. The crazy sick things are on the way, and suddenly you turn on the hopefull things
  5. You trapped my whole soul in the story without I realized
  6. Your ability of dragging me is so so so so so Woongtastic!
  7. Your undeniable of breaking my icy heart really make my tears fall down, Tons of tears, actually!
  8. I can't ignore you as long as i've tried repeatedly your show always in my mind
  9. Hong Sister, neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu chua
Hong Sister is the writers of My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho.

     Episode 16 Recap (Cut)
    Mi Ho reveal her only last one tail to Dae Woong. Dae woong responds in desperate "Then, you are still dying?" Mi ho says that she can't give up to become a human. I am sobbing here.

    She returns to Dong-joo and confesses to removing her fox bead. He reels at the realization that since the moment she came to him, she had already given up. She can’t become human, or even half like him, so this is the extent of what she can do, to protect Dae-woong. She asks him to return the bead to Dae-woong, and lie to him so that he’ll take it back.

    Dong-joo meets Dae-woong and lies to him on the hundred days Mi Ho will save if Dae Woong take the bead and fiil it with his ki. Coz Dong Joo will kill him and return the bead to Mi Ho.
    Dae-woong drinks the bead without any fear nor thingking twice. Dae Woong tells Dong Joo to kill him alone, and he'll returns the bead to Mi-ho safely.
    As Dae-woong leaves, Mi-ho appears and insists  they should go far away,never appear in front of Dae-woong again.
    Go to the day Mi Ho and Dong Joo plan to go away, Dong Joo shows up at the airport to meet Mi-ho. He asks her wether this is what she really wants. He tells her that he thought love was doing what the other person wanted, but then regretted it for a thousand years. He swore to never make that mistake again, but this time, he’s retracing his steps. So he did the only thing he could do to protect her, because even if he gave his own life, it wouldn’t save her.
    As Mi Ho says Thank You to Dong Joo, her eyes full of tears. Then Dong Joo continues he's not the one who stay y her side till the end, the person is right here,, then Dae Woong shows up while running
    Dae-woong: You’re really…a terrible gumiho. You put a human under your spell and took his ki, and now you’re ripping his heart, you really are a scary gumiho!
    Mi-ho: I’m sorry. But can I stay by your side,even if being with me is scary and painful?
    Dae Woong pulls Mi Ho and hugs her.

    The grandma above, is the Shamsin grandma who comes out from the painting. I have a good feeling when she shows up! Let's go to the next important scenes!!

    That day, Dae Woong asks Mi Ho to eat Kimchi, but Mi Ho refuses coz she doesn't like vegies and green thing. She asks for a kiss on the cheek after she eats it, but he offers her a kiss on the lips, so Mi Ho eats up all the kimchi on the table. hahaha, They. are. so. cute!

    Jump to aunt Min Sook and director Ban wedding, Dae Woong and Mi Ho take a cute pic together
    Dae Woong really know tha Mi Ho really really wanna be a bride so, he gets her red dots on her face and take it on a photo. Look at her bright face!! I love her natural kiddo smile :D Mi Ho puts the pic in her photo alnum and says “In five hundred years, I’ve finally found my groom. Because he loves me so so so so so much, he can give me everything. I’ve found him.”

    Jump to the hundred day!!
    Dae Woong asks to Mi Ho if  she wants to go to somewhere. But Mi Ho asks whether he isn’t tired, since they haven’t slept for days. They absolutely won't sleep coz want to spend time together! Then, Mi Ho takes out the lotion, and puts some on his face. Look at his eyes!! Look, there's something in his eyes.. so touche, i'm crying.. T.T

    They go to see the chicken shop ajumma, butshe’s away in the country, so she won’t be back till tomorrow. Unfortunately, Aunt Min-sook and Grandpa, are away until tomorrow. Mi-ho says the words out loud: “Tomorrow…I will not be here.”
    The couple decide to go to the fountain that Mi-ho likes, when they arrive, it’s under repair. Mi-ho says it’s okay, but Dae-woong starts shaking as he says it has to be today, and walks, angrily. With his back turned so that Mi-ho can’t see, he is crying. She knows what a brave face he is putting on for her benefit. But then,  he pushes his tears back then turns around, smiling as he reaches out his hand to her.
    Look, Look, take a good Look everyone!! he tries his best to hide his tears!! I wet my keyboard!!!

    They back to the gym and spend the rest of their night in the gym, light fireworks,
    Mi-ho: Were you really that scared, back then? 
    Dae-woong: Yes. But as scared as I was then, I’m a hundred times more…right now.

    She covers his eyes as he starts crying. Her face is full of Tons Of Tears, she tells him to think of  everything they have been through together as a dream, after the moment she appeared. So, when he opens his eyes, it won’t hurt so much. They both cry, with her covering his eyes to keep him from having to watch her disappear. Im crying too~~ gasp, gasp

    Dae-woong: Don’t go. 
    Mi-ho: Forget all the scary stuff. And remember me as a really really really really good dream. As Mi Ho kiss Dae Woong for the last time, she disappers right that moment!!


    After he open his eyes, Mi Ho isn't in front of him, that's a big sign of Mi Ho disappearence. Mi Ho's gone!!

    Tons of tears come out form Dae Woong's eyes they do in my eyes too. Do you know this is breaking my heart too?? I was gasping. gasping, yes, gasping!!

    He cries, and says to himself, “A dream? When I open my eyes, it won’t hurt?! It hurts this much…how can you be a dream?” While clucthing his heart
    Dae Woong sleeps at the gym whole night. An tomorrow morning..
    Dae Woong runs while saying " Mi-ho ya, you must be crying, but it doesn’t rain anymore when you cry. I don't know how sad you are anymore.. because you’re not here anymore. Mi-ho's gone. Mi-ho is gone. Mi-ho…is gone. I'm totally gasping!
    Then, he laying on a path.. when the upcoming truck in the line!! When he cries, it starts to rain, and happy that she’s still here, somewhere in the world/universe.
    One day, Dong-joo asks to Shamsin Godmother what she will do to Mi-ho. She answers that she can’t return a gumiho who’s lost her 9 tails and given her ki to a human, but if they wait, perhaps the heavens will intervene.
    A month later, Dong Joo meets Dae Woong on the set. Dae Woong is a star now. He tells him that tonight there will be an aclipse. “where the moon and the sun exist in the same space, they break the rule that the sun and moon can't be in the same space, and come together, in the eclipse. ”
    When the eclipse appears, Mi Ho's phone is ringing. Dae Woong answers, the caller is Mi Ho! yaay, My Gumiho is in the line buddy! haha
    Dae Woong asks where she is, while he looks around. Mi Ho answers that she is watching him and close to him. WHen the eclipse ends Mi Ho is out of the phone line. (Seems our Mi Ho uses the eclipse to make a connection to Dae Woong.)
    After that, he cry in a really disbelief and from the distance there's a voice that he realizes (i realize it to dude! cheers on cry!)
    Mi Ho: "Woong ah!" wuuuuuaaaaaa!! I'm jumping in a heaven of happiness!
    Dae Woong walks towards he and pokes her face, still doesn't believe that she is!! I do, don't believe it.
    Dae-woong: It doesn’t matter if you’re a ghost, or a gumiho, or a person. It doesn’t matter. It’s enough that you’re in front of me. If you’re back, that’s enough. He says that while huging her

    They back to the loft and  snuggling, as Dae-woong says in voiceover, “As always, my girlfriend, she’s still…a fox.”

    My Farewell comments for MGIG
    Okay, this drama really know how to treat the viewers, breaking down my heart, ripping it into shreds, laughing crazy out loud, flipping my soul into the scenes, drag me in the edge, making my tons of tears streaming on my face, all are wrapped in one, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho Drama!!
    This drama is te first that i have tons of tears fall down since I never crying on a Love Young Drama. Even if they (Young Love Drama) have many saddening scenes, i never had been drag! But this time MGIG really drags me in!
    Have you ever watched the great couple like My Hoi Hoi Couple? Have you ever seen the sincerity of loving others wrapping all of your heart? Have you ever the sincere love like Mi Ho and Dae Woong done to each other?? sorry out of the line a lil bit! haha
    SATISFACTION!! I really love this drama. Lee Seung Gi (Dae Woong) and Shin Min Ah (Mi Ho) have never been in drama together before, but their chemstry is a magic. Like MI Ho magic spell? haha. I love the way they act, they really did a great job!
    And once again, that's way I love Hong Sister coz they really draaaaaaaaaag me in, and always playing my emotions to the laughing thingie turn to crying thingie!! Great job!
    When Dae Woong or Mi Ho cries, i cry too!! Somebody please bring me a tons of tissues.

    I cry becoz of their sincerity! I cry coz their act so so so so so great!

    Farewell Hoi Couple, wish there's another project that put you two together!!

    This is just the cut recap of episode 16. I just take the important scenes only..


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