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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stills form My Girlfriend is A Gumiho Episode 16 preview

Posted by wikewiw at 6:32 AM
What's in your mind after watching episode 15??
Seriously I'm so clueless.. Seems the Hong Sister really ends their drama with their own style..
 First of all, let's remain the funniest scene of eps 15

Bwahahahhahahahaha... these scenes really drive me LAUGHED OUT LOUD!! Hong sister, this is eps 15, how can you still insert the funny scenes?? instead one more episode?? wahahahahaha~i'm LOL-ing while write this post :D
Just intermezo before we go to the preview..

Well, this is the preview of eps 16 ~ sorry no english sub

Let's hope the best ending fore our HOI COUPLE..
But, i heard the rumours, the Shamsin Godmother will give the a help.. I don't know what kind of help, but wish the help is really workout for Dae Woong and Mi Ho.. Amen!!  :D

Credit: romrumrira


vii said...

as always thank you so so so so so much!!
now i'm waiting for episode 16..
thanks for sharing wikeee

wikeee on October 2, 2010 at 6:11 PM said...

with pleasure vii..
now you can enjoy your week end with eps 16..

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