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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who is Yoon Ban Seok? ^^

Posted by wikewiw at 9:34 AM
Yoon Ban Seok?? Who is he?? I am pretty sure many people out there doesn't know who he is.. 
Let's start from his name,,
His first name = YOON so he absolutely is YOON Eun Hye Younger Brother!! 
Waaa.. I'm so so so so so into him!! Take a look at the pic below

What's in your mind?? ??@@##  ^^
This pic was uploaded by YEH on her twitter account. Seems her little brother will be in My Fav Actors List. hahaha

Yoon Ban Seok (YBS) is on his own way in entertainment industry. 
"He is getting used to taking photos, and is studying and learning acting.. He's been doing it secretly because he didn't want to become a burden to his sister.. And he really wanted to slowly grow and improve on his own.." (cut from YEH's tweet, she was so worry about the articles or people stated that he is using her name for marketing efforts, because he is under The House Company aka YEH's Agency Company )

But, there are many people outhere who support and have good responseof his carrier in entertainment industry so YEH uploaded appreciate/thank you image regard her brother with three pics of him!

그래두 제맘 알아주셔서 넘 기분이좋아요 ~ 여러분들 ^^
굿밤요 아참! 그리구 반응이 죠아서 몇장더 올리구 저는 빠잉~ 낼은 조이너스 현장사진 올릴께요~ 크앙 약속해버렸다 ㅋ http://post.ly/xJ1K
5 minutes ago via SimplyTweet 
But because you guys are so understanding of my feelings, I feel great ~ Everyone ^^
Good night. By the way! And because the response is good, I'll put up a few more (photos) and bye (leave)~ I'll put up the pictures from the Joinus photoshoots tomorrow~ keke I ended up promising (I can't believe I just promise to do that), hah
(translation by CDBloom )

Yoon Ban Seok had a minor role in My Fair Lady last year. He is as a spy.

He lost a little weight~~ ^^ 

Some netizens Comments
‘Yoon Ban Suk is a warm person. He’s really good looking’
‘This is the second coming of Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan’
‘Such good looking siblings. It must be good genes’
‘I wonder how good his acting is. I want to see now’

Credit: allkpop


Anonymous said...

he is sooooo~~ cute..
how can this sibling has the good looking faaace???
btw, miss Eun Hye is cuter than he is..
lOl :D
from yeh.net ^^

wikeee on September 16, 2010 at 9:29 AM said...

yeah.. they are blessed in such a good DNA right?? hahaha
I wish i was born to be the youngest daughter.. drooling~~ ^^
coz you are a warrior too, it's no wonder why that you just comment on this post!! :joke:

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