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Monday, September 13, 2010

Next Projects From All My Fav Actors and Actresses

Posted by wikewiw at 8:03 AM

Kang Ji Hwan

Kang Ji Hwan aka KJH is preparing his new first project since SBS Drama Coffee House
This project is a  Musical Project which will run in Korea and Japan later this fall.
He started out in musicals (he debuted in Grease), and now he’s returning to that medium briefly for the musical production of Caffe In
KJH produces the musical in Korea and stars in the production in Japan. (maybe I can say that  he won’t be acting in the Korean run.) The show will open at Seoul’s Daehakro Art One Center on August 4, then moves to Japan in October.
The story portrays a female barista who’s unsuccessful in dating and a playboy sommelier who coaches her in romance. This musical is actually 2nd Season , after the initial musical performed strongly nearly two years ago.
Kang wrote on his official fan cafe, “It’s harder work than I thought and I’d like to rest a bit, but I’m happier doing this while I can. The day I saw the actors perform for real, I wanted to run away.”
He added about acting abroad, “I’m even more nervous because I’ll be performing in Japan, but after seeing Cafe In being performed, when I stood onstage in the completely empty auditorium and looked out from the stage, I felt that itch. Closing my eyes and imagining that I’d just finished the performance, drenched with sweat and hearing the applause, I felt a kind of catharsis that I can’t feel when doing dramas or movies.”

Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye aka YEH is about challenge in movie debut. (Actually I've posted the similar topic before, because I  really love her acting, soft voice, down-to-earth personality so, i post about her again gladly ^^)
This movie project will be her second movie since 2006 Escaping Charisma. As the spreading rumors, this movie is based on 2 part novel "My Black Mini Dress",  Think slightly of "Devil Wears Prada" (played by Anne Hathaway) meets "Reality Bites" (played by Winona Ryder). >I'm so excited and curious about the synopsis and her role

By the way, yesterday she is soo~ busy in filming (maybe doing drama or movie or photoshot), wish her movie and Love Song officialy confirmed soon.. ^^
here's her tweet yesterday that stated she was busy filming
아침부터 촬영중이여서 이제서야 동생에관한기사를보았습니다 언젠가는 알려질일이었지만 생각보다이른시기에 기사가나간것이 조금당황스러웠던건 사실이었습니다 ..조금다른시선으로바라보는 분들이계실까.. 가족이기에 이런 저런 걱정부터 들었던것도 사실입니다
9 minutes ago via SimplyTweet
Because I was filming (busy doing drama, movie or photoshoot) since morning, I just saw the article regarding my brother. While it was something that people would eventually find out, it was true that I was little surprised due to the earlier than expected release of the article..Maybe some people would see this differently (negatively)..It's also true that I worried about "this and that" at first, because he is a family..
>translation done by CDBloom

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min-ho has reportedly been selected to headline a Korean drama adaptation of City Hunter, the popular 1980s manga and anime about a womanizing detective. The lead character is Saeba Ryo, who runs the City Hunter business with his partner, Kaori Makimura, and is a bit of a perv.
City Hunter was created by Hojo Tsukasa in 1985. There have been a few live-action adaptations attempted in the past, but none seemed to be that successful. According to one rep from the production company, the series has received numerous requests for drama adaptations, but those hadn’t come into fruition because they didn’t satisfy the creator’s requests. However, Hojo Tsuaka was reportedly satisfied with Lee Min-ho as the lead — no doubt thanks to his star-making role in last year’s uber-hit Boys Before Flowers.
The original was set against 1980s Tokyo; this version will take place in 2011 in Seoul. The Ryo character has been renamed “Kang Jin.”

Source:  Dramabeans,


Anonymous said...

wikeee you really a real warrior!!
you almost post all about her and his brother..

all i can say, i'm going to love Kang Ji Hwan too~ he is mature i admit, but he is so multi talented!!
Greet Warrior :LOL:

wikeee on September 16, 2010 at 9:34 AM said...

KJH is a great actor!! I knew it..

FYI, i'm just a baby warrior in yeh.net hahaha
but, since I love her acting, down-to-earth personality, cute-voice, and all about her so i'm going to claim myself a YEHWarrior! ^^

tako on September 29, 2010 at 8:06 AM said...

Looks like I find another KJH lover here :D Ever since I watch him in Capital Scandal, I'm in love with him :D
Great to know you Wikeee :D Please keep posting any news about him ;D

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