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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stills form My Girlfriend is A Gumiho Episode 16 preview

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What's in your mind after watching episode 15??
Seriously I'm so clueless.. Seems the Hong Sister really ends their drama with their own style..
 First of all, let's remain the funniest scene of eps 15

Bwahahahhahahahaha... these scenes really drive me LAUGHED OUT LOUD!! Hong sister, this is eps 15, how can you still insert the funny scenes?? instead one more episode?? wahahahahaha~i'm LOL-ing while write this post :D
Just intermezo before we go to the preview..

Well, this is the preview of eps 16 ~ sorry no english sub

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stills form My Girlfriend is A Gumiho Episode 15 preview

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This week will be the end of MGIG.. I really wish the happy ending for hoi couple,, but what can an ordinary viewers like me do?? I just can dream for the best ending,,
Since episode 11-14 succeeded make me crying (not cry like baby, but I have something in my eyes while i watching).
Actually, I never crying when watching A Young Love Drama, but this drama succcess break the rule and got me cried in eps 11-14.. I was so touched by the Mi Ho character who really sincerely  do anything for Dae Woong and so does Dae Woong.. I cried becoz they are so sincere to each other.. never been like this before, and I admit that MGIG is the first Young Love Drama which success make me sink in the Young Love Story

Coz I, myself so impatient for the eps 15 and 16end, I just can heal my pain of impatience with this preview
Check this out!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho Episode 12 - Recap

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Dae Woong menarik tangan Mi ho dan mencium Miho. aaw~~  Setelah itu, Dae Wong ngeluarin cincin Mi ho yang tadinya hilang. Dan bilang ke Miho "sekarang beneran" (mereka beneran pacaran, gak kontrak lagi)
Setelah itu, si Dae woong ingin mencium Miho lagi, tapi tiba-tiba merasa kesakitan karena Bead di tubuhnya berdetak keras jadi. ~aah, timingnya gak tepat banget deh, kasian Dae WOong sama Mi ho ,hahaha.
Mereka coba berkali-kali tapi tetep aja si Bead di tubuh Dae Woong masih terluka, gara-gara kejadian Dae wonng dicium sama si Sly Noona.. huft, mereka keliatan kecewa gitu.. hahaha
Itu tandanya selama mereka pacaran mereka gak bisa ciuman, karena si Bead bakalan menolak..

Dirumahnya, Doong Jo berpikir untuk membuat Mi Ho tinggal terpisah dari Dae Woong, karena setelah 100 hari Bead di tubuh Dae Woong diambil lagi sama Mi Ho maka Dae Woong bakal meninggal. Dan Mi Ho sudah pasti bisa sangat frustasi.

Kembali ke Hoi~Hoi couple, si Mi Ho lagi asik bikin rencana hidupnya setelah dia jadi manusia, hehehe si Mi ho lucu ya ^^
Mi Ho baca satu per satu rencana masa depannya ke Dae Woong :
  1. mate sama Dae WOong kalo Beadnya udah sembuh (mate disini artinya kaya kontak fisik gitu)
  2. menikah sama Dae Woong setelah 100 hari ,ereka bersama
  3. melahirkan anak setiap tahunnya (hihihi, konyol ya)
  4. hidup bahagia sama Dae woong selamanya
Dae Woong ngerasa agak kaget, karena semua rencana hidup si Mi ho, terus Dae Woong berimajinasi tentang semua rencana Mi ho :

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Cuteness and The Saddening things in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho episode 11

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This episode is the best!!
I did laugh and cry in watching this episode..

Mi-ho: "Woong ah.. Since I like you so much, I can't stop liking you anymore. I like you too much that I can't even pretend to like you. I can only show you how much I like you. I can't do anything but not to show you how much I like you. I can't do anything but to ask you to like me. If I want to leave you little by litle, if I have depart from you. The only thing I can do is run"

Intermezo for a while ~ our Mi-ho is threatening the sly fox noona with her voodoo (it's just a joke voodoo anyway)
Mi-ho's spell
Omumabalani hoi,hoi,hoi
You, from now on, will start to become uglier
face will as swollen as mandoo
Nose hair will be long
Nostrils will be this large

Lips will be thick
Omumabalani hoi hoi hoi
Hahahahahahhahahahahhaa... when I watched this episode this morning, I really can't control myself of laughing out loud, this scene is so funny...
After Mi-ho leaves her, sly noona ask her assistant to bring her mirror.. (hahahaahaha noona seems be so worry about Mi-ho spells)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho Episode 10

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Watch online episode 10 ~Enjoy watching everyone~

MGiaG Episode 11 Preview

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Episode 11 had been already airing, coz i don't live in Korea so what all I can do to heal my impatient-waiting Eps 11 is dealing with this pic

Aah~ this almost kissu pic is so unbelievable. How come Daewoong turned completely lose his mind that Miho is a GUMIHO?? But, I trully into his change. 
In eps 10 Daewoong completely reveal and show his care to Miho  ~~aaw  And now, in eps 11 he kisses her??? (The video is at the bottom, enjoy watching!!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

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AAh~ both phrases above are going to kill me!!


I officially into them, I really love these two adorable cute phrases ^^.
First time I met them in MGiaG Drama aka My Girlfriend is A Gumiho. Because I'm now following (watching aka can't keep my eyes catch out of them) this drama, I'm so so so so sooo into the drama, officially!! hehehehe
This show is sooo adorable!! If you are a KDrama Lover or An anti KDrama, I with no doubt recommend this drama. And I'm absolutely sure that you (the anti are gonna love this cute drama~just my wild oppinion ^^).

First time I read the article stated that MGiaG was going to start airing on (last) August I really didn't pay any attention. I thought this drama would be the-average-plot-drama. But, I was in a Big NO Circle and I swollen my own drool, I admit!! 
What I got from this drama was (is - untill now) going to laugh out loud in every episodes. Sometimes I just smile but then going on and on in an unstoppable LOL.. #What a Great Drama! So Funny! Instead, I always try to download every episodes and the subs everyday (actually I'm downloading episode 10 right now :LOL:). I think this drama is already in my Drive-Me-Crazy-Drama List  :LOL:

I am so so so so sooo love the characters, the story, Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi's acting!!!!

Here's some the cuteness and sadness scenes that make me crazy!!

Mi-ho played by Shin Min Ah
Dae-Woong played by Lee Seung Gi

Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi) meets a girl (Shin Min Ah) and falls in love with her. The girl is actually a gumiho, a legendary fox with nine tails that eats the livers of humans. When he finds out that she is a gumiho, he ends up doing crazy things to prevent the girl from eating his liver.

Episode 3
 Being surrounded by water dulls her gumiho senses and leaves her feeling defenseless, but she doesn’t want to protest because Dae-woong is in such a bad mood, so she meekly waits. Therefore she can’t sense Dae-woong exiting the boat, running along the pier, and leaving her behind. She only notices when she looks out to the pier and sees Dae-woong speeding away from her. 
On the boat, Mi-ho huddles off to the side, shivering. She realizes, “He abandoned me and left. And after he promised.”
Tears start to fall from her eyes, just as the clear skies suddenly cloud over and the sunshower (fox rain) starts to fall. 
The rainfall stops Dae-woong in his tracks, realizing what this means: “Mi-ho is crying.”

Who is Yoon Ban Seok? ^^

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Yoon Ban Seok?? Who is he?? I am pretty sure many people out there doesn't know who he is.. 
Let's start from his name,,
His first name = YOON so he absolutely is YOON Eun Hye Younger Brother!! 
Waaa.. I'm so so so so so into him!! Take a look at the pic below

What's in your mind?? ??@@##  ^^
This pic was uploaded by YEH on her twitter account. Seems her little brother will be in My Fav Actors List. hahaha

Yoon Ban Seok (YBS) is on his own way in entertainment industry. 
"He is getting used to taking photos, and is studying and learning acting.. He's been doing it secretly because he didn't want to become a burden to his sister.. And he really wanted to slowly grow and improve on his own.." (cut from YEH's tweet, she was so worry about the articles or people stated that he is using her name for marketing efforts, because he is under The House Company aka YEH's Agency Company )

But, there are many people outhere who support and have good responseof his carrier in entertainment industry so YEH uploaded appreciate/thank you image regard her brother with three pics of him!

그래두 제맘 알아주셔서 넘 기분이좋아요 ~ 여러분들 ^^
굿밤요 아참! 그리구 반응이 죠아서 몇장더 올리구 저는 빠잉~ 낼은 조이너스 현장사진 올릴께요~ 크앙 약속해버렸다 ㅋ http://post.ly/xJ1K
5 minutes ago via SimplyTweet 
But because you guys are so understanding of my feelings, I feel great ~ Everyone ^^
Good night. By the way! And because the response is good, I'll put up a few more (photos) and bye (leave)~ I'll put up the pictures from the Joinus photoshoots tomorrow~ keke I ended up promising (I can't believe I just promise to do that), hah
(translation by CDBloom )

Yoon Ban Seok had a minor role in My Fair Lady last year. He is as a spy.

He lost a little weight~~ ^^ 

Some netizens Comments
‘Yoon Ban Suk is a warm person. He’s really good looking’
‘This is the second coming of Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan’
‘Such good looking siblings. It must be good genes’
‘I wonder how good his acting is. I want to see now’

Credit: allkpop

Monday, September 13, 2010

Next Projects From All My Fav Actors and Actresses

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Kang Ji Hwan

Kang Ji Hwan aka KJH is preparing his new first project since SBS Drama Coffee House
This project is a  Musical Project which will run in Korea and Japan later this fall.
He started out in musicals (he debuted in Grease), and now he’s returning to that medium briefly for the musical production of Caffe In
KJH produces the musical in Korea and stars in the production in Japan. (maybe I can say that  he won’t be acting in the Korean run.) The show will open at Seoul’s Daehakro Art One Center on August 4, then moves to Japan in October.
The story portrays a female barista who’s unsuccessful in dating and a playboy sommelier who coaches her in romance. This musical is actually 2nd Season , after the initial musical performed strongly nearly two years ago.
Kang wrote on his official fan cafe, “It’s harder work than I thought and I’d like to rest a bit, but I’m happier doing this while I can. The day I saw the actors perform for real, I wanted to run away.”
He added about acting abroad, “I’m even more nervous because I’ll be performing in Japan, but after seeing Cafe In being performed, when I stood onstage in the completely empty auditorium and looked out from the stage, I felt that itch. Closing my eyes and imagining that I’d just finished the performance, drenched with sweat and hearing the applause, I felt a kind of catharsis that I can’t feel when doing dramas or movies.”

Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye aka YEH is about challenge in movie debut. (Actually I've posted the similar topic before, because I  really love her acting, soft voice, down-to-earth personality so, i post about her again gladly ^^)
This movie project will be her second movie since 2006 Escaping Charisma. As the spreading rumors, this movie is based on 2 part novel "My Black Mini Dress",  Think slightly of "Devil Wears Prada" (played by Anne Hathaway) meets "Reality Bites" (played by Winona Ryder). >I'm so excited and curious about the synopsis and her role

By the way, yesterday she is soo~ busy in filming (maybe doing drama or movie or photoshot), wish her movie and Love Song officialy confirmed soon.. ^^
here's her tweet yesterday that stated she was busy filming
아침부터 촬영중이여서 이제서야 동생에관한기사를보았습니다 언젠가는 알려질일이었지만 생각보다이른시기에 기사가나간것이 조금당황스러웠던건 사실이었습니다 ..조금다른시선으로바라보는 분들이계실까.. 가족이기에 이런 저런 걱정부터 들었던것도 사실입니다
9 minutes ago via SimplyTweet
Because I was filming (busy doing drama, movie or photoshoot) since morning, I just saw the article regarding my brother. While it was something that people would eventually find out, it was true that I was little surprised due to the earlier than expected release of the article..Maybe some people would see this differently (negatively)..It's also true that I worried about "this and that" at first, because he is a family..
>translation done by CDBloom

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min-ho has reportedly been selected to headline a Korean drama adaptation of City Hunter, the popular 1980s manga and anime about a womanizing detective. The lead character is Saeba Ryo, who runs the City Hunter business with his partner, Kaori Makimura, and is a bit of a perv.
City Hunter was created by Hojo Tsukasa in 1985. There have been a few live-action adaptations attempted in the past, but none seemed to be that successful. According to one rep from the production company, the series has received numerous requests for drama adaptations, but those hadn’t come into fruition because they didn’t satisfy the creator’s requests. However, Hojo Tsuaka was reportedly satisfied with Lee Min-ho as the lead — no doubt thanks to his star-making role in last year’s uber-hit Boys Before Flowers.
The original was set against 1980s Tokyo; this version will take place in 2011 in Seoul. The Ryo character has been renamed “Kang Jin.”

Source:  Dramabeans,

Memorable Words

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As we go through life, there are many times when we show much pretense, falsely decorating ourselves. It's probably because we aren't able to love ourselves as we are.
Human beings aren't able to love themselves (ourselves) as they (we) are.
Therefore, when we meet someone who will love the things that we ourselves can't love, we feel "I'm being loved.." and feel happiness.
Then when the love disappears, we feel "I'm not being loved.." and get hurt.

Just like this, people tend to look at the size (greatness) of love by the love they receive, rather than the love they give.
But as people are used to conditional love since their (our) youthful days, it's probably inevitable that sharing love with each other, if we only see the amount of love we receive, will make us feel that we are always in the losing end of things.
But God doesn't judge us through our appearance.
We would be able to have happiness and peace in front of God even if we don't have great skills, lots of money, and power.
We are able to receive unconditional love.

Credit:  YEH's Twitter

Production of Love Song was delayed and Another New YEH's Movie Project

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As stated before in this blog, Yoon Eun Hye will be the female lead in the drama Love Song the remake of Tian Mi Mi, but The Production of Love Song had been canceled. After Park Yong Ha's dead (was The Choosen Male Lead), she has been carefully pick her next project.

Actually, the cancellation was unconfirmed officially by the Production Company, so there were many rumors spreading about the doubt.
Recently, there are rumors that the production didn't be canceled. The are articles said that Yoon Eun Hye (YEH), the choosen female lead for Love Song is about going to do a movie first then go on the Love Song project. She keeps her loyalty in the drama (Love Song)..  >what a great actress she is! even if the production company (of Love Song) was clueless about the project, she still goes on the drama<

Actress Yoon Eun Hye had received many never ending love calls from the movie industry before, she has been picky (carefully) enough for her new project. She looks so interesting in a movie role which was recently offered to her.
This role will be the first time Yoon Eun Hye will be in a movie since 2006 Escaping Charisma. At the time, Escaping Charisma premiered after Yoon Eun Hye had became a star through Goong. But her role was very limited.

The movie portrays the love, pain, and hardships of the generation 88*.
After Yoon Eun Hye is said to be considering this project favorably, the production is gaining much bounce in its effort and gaining interest.

The production team (Love Song ) is still trying to seek the fit right actor to replace Park Yong Ha. The male lead considered most likely is said to be someone who will be released from the military service this fall.

Source & Pic: yooneunhye.net
Credit: CDBloom@yooneunhye.net

Sunday, September 12, 2010

YEH's revealed Skill

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As my friend request this post, so i post it well..  :)
this is the video that YEH upload it by herself on Twitter..
She was practicing her guitar skill since she made a promise to her Japanese Fans, that one day she'll play guitar. So, in her Next Japanese FAn Meeting on September 18 she'll perform with her guitar skill.

She tried hard with that Guitar in the dawn and cut her nails.. BUt her guitar skill is clumsy enough.. hehehe
Seems she won't disappoint all her Japanese Fans! So Envious :')
YEH's Guitar Skill

Playfull Kiss is The Resemble of GOONG

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DO you remember this girl???
If you are a KDrama Lover, you should absolutely know her.. ^^
Shin Chae Kyong! yes, SHin Chae Kyong! character in Goong The-Hit-Popular-Drama in 2006.. Played by Yoon Eun Hye.
What about this girl??

Is this girl the same girl in the first pic?? Absolutely not!! They both are the different characters in different Dramas.
She is Oh Ha Ni in Playfull Kiss. New KDrama that airing on MBC Wednesday-Thursday. Played by Jung So Min.

Both characters is the same one, but still have different taste. Shin Chae Kyong and Oh Ha Ni are student who always wear athletic pants in their skirt. Both Drama have THE TEDDY BEAR DOLL in the end of their episode like this one
Aah~ this is killing me, why??? because Goong-Playfull Kiss have:
The same Director : Hwang In Roe
The same production company : Group8 / 8peaks
The similar (or same?) hair styles
The Teddy Bears!!!!
The "Little YEH" Jung So Min
And The same father Character in Goong
take a look at this pic

hahahahah.... This pic is already driving me crazy!! LOL
By the way, I always see the Young Yoon Eun Hye aka Shin Chae Kyong in Jung So Min aka Oh Ha Ni character. It's not bad enough..

Actually there are many articles out there said that Jung So Min is the 2nd coming of Yoon Eun Hye, JSM is the resemble of YEH! I admit that both JSM and YEH have the similar rabbit  teeth, anyway JSM is still the younger,, hahahaha

back to the drama, Playful Kiss doesn't have the very different plot of student love but i love this drama since JSM made me remember YEH character in GOONG. It's nicee~ (for me). But i really wish this drama has the different story from GOONG. And I'm sureee of this..

I wish JSM can make her own role to the sky, because it must be hard for her because all of the resemble articles out there. And it's hard enough to get her own way out of the comparing our Multi Talented SInger, Actress, Walking Doll , CF Queen YOON EUN HYE.
hahahaha The Walking Doll word i got from the article which its reporter seem really love Miss Yoon EUN Hye and he/she wrote the tittle just like this
Article: Yoon Eun Hye, 'A Walking Doll'
Actress Yoon Eun Hye is entering to participate in the event, 'Vogue Fashion Night Out', held at the main building of the Shinsegae Department Store on the 8th.
[Source: Sports Korea, Credit: CDBloom@yooneunhye.net]



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