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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Cuteness and The Saddening things in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho episode 11

Posted by wikewiw at 7:27 AM
This episode is the best!!
I did laugh and cry in watching this episode..

Mi-ho: "Woong ah.. Since I like you so much, I can't stop liking you anymore. I like you too much that I can't even pretend to like you. I can only show you how much I like you. I can't do anything but not to show you how much I like you. I can't do anything but to ask you to like me. If I want to leave you little by litle, if I have depart from you. The only thing I can do is run"

Intermezo for a while ~ our Mi-ho is threatening the sly fox noona with her voodoo (it's just a joke voodoo anyway)
Mi-ho's spell
Omumabalani hoi,hoi,hoi
You, from now on, will start to become uglier
face will as swollen as mandoo
Nose hair will be long
Nostrils will be this large

Lips will be thick
Omumabalani hoi hoi hoi
Hahahahahahhahahahahhaa... when I watched this episode this morning, I really can't control myself of laughing out loud, this scene is so funny...
After Mi-ho leaves her, sly noona ask her assistant to bring her mirror.. (hahahaahaha noona seems be so worry about Mi-ho spells)

At the church
Dae-woong: "Mi-ho ya don't go. Don't leave me.Stay with me"
Mi-ho: "But I'm different, will it be okay?"
Dae-woong: "No, It's not okay! It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense and there's no point. I'm not okay as much as I think I'm totally crazy. I like you (noreul chuae-aku suka kamu). I don't like you because it's okay. Because we like each other.. Everything will be alright."
Mi-ho: "Dae-woong ah.. now that you like me.. Since I know that you like me now, I can confide. I'm becoming human"
Dae-woong:"Becoming human, you said?"
Mi-ho:"through the bead that you're holding for 100 days, if you hold my bead for 100 days, I can be a human"
Dae-wong:"Do you use me to become a human? You need me so, because you needed me, that's why you like me?"
Mi-ho:"It doesn't matter whether it's another person. I need you because I like you. I didn't like you because I need you. I need you because you are my only love"
 Dae-woong goes towards her and says,
Dae-woong:"If you need me, use me. You can have all mine and use it all. Instead.. Be responsible for my life". Mi-ho nods, then they hug so tightly ~ aaaaw ~

Special song from Dae-woong to Mi-ho
"My friend Mi-ho is.. a cute gumiho" (while pinching her cheek)
Dae-woong & Mi-ho: "Hoi, Hoi!"
"Mi-ho is my really cold friend"
Dae-woong & Mi-ho: "Hoi, Hoi!"
Then Mi-ho continue..
"The one that I like, the one that I like "("Chuanen Chuanen" -sorry if my korean is bad)
Dae-woong continue singing
"The girlfriend that I like.."
Mi-ho says: "Hoi, hoi! but what is girlfriend?"  Then Dae-woong pull Mi-ho for a kiss! ~aaw

Aah~~ this drama so kill me~~

Pics Credit: Dramabeans
Vid Credit: katjacute


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