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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are SNSD's Girls Secret Garden Fans?

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Hyun Bin's sparkling-blue tracksuit became so popular! There are many Korean stars wore that one sparkling tracksuit.
Some days ago, on LG Event IK found something interesting that catch my eyes. The 9 girls wore their sparkling-blue costume, check them out

The girls wore  beautiful yet sexy costume that make their own charms spreading around.
What do you think? Are they a trully SeGa fans? :)

cre:sosiz.net & junggeum22.blog.me

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Thick Lips that Wanted for a Kiss

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Here is the rank of Korean Stars whose lips picked as the thick lips for kiss

1. Yoon Eun Hye
2. Kim Hyun joo
3. Um Jung Hwa
4. Park Bom
5. Im Soo Jung
6. Sung Yu Ri
7. Kim Min Jung
8. Yoo In Na
9. Song Hye Kyo
 Yoon Eun Hye's lips are definitely the winner!!
This rank reminds me to Brumo Mars song-Just The Way You Are

"her lips her lips, i can kiss them all day if she let me"

Source: Nate, StyleM

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo Break Up

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On March 7th Hyun Bin avid fans had been in a saddening state due to his enlistment to army. On March 8th HB fans, SHK fans and all Kdrama lovers being surprised because of the official announcement of this ex- couple.

My two cents: actually i've already had a feeling about this (the break up), there are some clues which led my feeling. Remember SBS Drama Award last year? Binie didn't say any thank to SHK, indeed if you are in a healthy relationship you will thanks to your lover for the support and love that you'd received, right? (correct me if i'm wrong!). Binnie said "Komawo" (Korean lang Thank You to a person that close to you or informal) only to Ha Ji Won! Sorry, I have no intension of bringing up a scandal or something, but that is the POINT that I need to underline.

I'm not a fan and an anti of Binnie-Kyo relationship, I'm just a fan of Binnie! I really respect their choise and really wish everything goes well for this man and woman. Wish Binnie can discharge and safely back to entertainment industry and for Hye Kyo, I wish her projects going to be success (just like Full House)

Eat well, Sleep well!

He is missing someone already, *glance--->Wonnie  *ooops! hehehehe

Yoon Eun Hye In Person

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The content of this post really have nothing to do with her recent interview "Yoon Eun Hye In Person"  (translated to English) but mostly just my opinion about her interview. 
Reporters Jun Joo Yup & Lee Ye Eun, Sports Chosun

I read some interviews with my dearest Yoon Eun Hye unnie, recently she had (many) interviews with media  both in Korea and abroad. After I read all her answers, I totally into her~ more~ and more~ into her. You can tell I love her more because she really is a great actress with great personality (I've mentioned it 100 times already :D).

In the interview, she was asked aboout her friendship. YEH personally is a person who's not easily to close with someone. She has been in entertainment industry for a while but yet she doesn't have many close friends.
"I'm not even good at asking a senior I worked with his/her phone number. It's really hard for me to open up to people." Even so, Yoon Eun Hye said that she was very lucky to have met 3 friends through 'My Black Mini Dress'.
Maybe she is the type of person who can't first approach someone else and become close. 
YEH only has a few of guy friends. She mentioned Gong Yoo, Lee Sun Kyun and Joo Ji Hoon are her guy close friend and still keep contact until now (frequently). Hmm, I smell something fresh for Gong Yoo-YEH friendship, it smells like TUNA.. hahah (But I like YEH-Won Bin more and wish they can be fated?? lol). I'm quite surprised with her answer, cuz i think her guy close friend won't be from entertainment industry.

YEH is indeed a perfectionista.. She will take care everything and put much effort on something she's doing personally.
“For example, I can think that there’s no way MBMD’s Yoo Min would use a certain cell phone case. If I am not satisfied with the accessories that are given to me, I’m only comfortable if I prepare it. It’s because that’s the moment when I really become the character I’m supposed to act. If I was to become the character, I have to wear and use items that I believe the character would use.”
As many fans have been thinking of, YEH does execise properly so tht's why she has a good proportion body with wonderful legs. Otherwise, YEH can't exercise due to edema! OMG, this is a big thing that I've just known.! If this interview doesn't exist, maybe I'll not know about her edema and low-blood-presure. Her answers surprised me enough and wordering, where did she get her strength? She known as The Young Girl Warrior during XMan era, and recently she beated director Heo In Mooo in wrestling. Though she can't exercise at least her meals support her powerful energy! hehehe

I realy wanna share all my opinions about her interview, but there are too many words that will come out and out and out about her answers. So, the best think I can do is share the interview links! This interview actually had been translated by CDBloom@yooneunhye.net
YEH interview quote translated by CDBloom@yooneunhye.net

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SNSD went under Plastic Surgery?

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There are many rumours spreading around that SNSD's member went under surgery, I admit, they are 9 girls with impression talents and beauty, so many people loves them. Not only in Korea, they also have many fans around the world. Now they are famous in Japan coz of their debut recently in Japan.

I like their songs, MVs, and their looks, but first time i heard abt them and getting know abt the surgery things, I officially don't like them and feel so disappoint. Well, until now I still not sure enough abt their surgery, let's don't mention abt the old photos and their child photos. Coz as you know when people grows up they are changing and it could be the case if there's something different especially in their faces. Though I know the difference isn't huge enough, but who know the facts besides themselves and God.

The time goes, and everyday I see their news and success. I think they are really success as a girl group and really have many fans, in huge numbers of fans of course! I really proud of them. Now I really don't care abt their surgery coz the matter of KPOP industry is their performance by voice, dance, and personality not the plastic surgery. Maybe for some people looks are the important matter also (just like my beauty and angel heart YEH unnie, she's beautiful, smart, kind, polite and multitalented hehe), but that is not the point. IMO

Besides the huge number of fans SNSD also have huge number of antis, and i heard the Plastic Surgery rumours were being spreaded by antis. I have no idea if that is true or not. I was going to the antis web and yeah, if you are a fan you'll only get hurt be in that web.

Now it's my time to share a video that i'd just found abt SNSD's Plastic Surgery. Enjoy watching

So, after watching this video what's your idea? Plastic or not?
my answer is: according to my sight (from this vid) they didn't do Plastic Surgery before. Their face change coz of they grow up.. ^^ But still i don't know the facts, but the fact that i know they are 9 pretty girls with success carrier..

*I really am so sorry if my writting hurt other people, I have no intention of mocking other parties just wanna share my thoughts abt the Plastic Surgery of SNSD.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Secret Garden Final Episode Short Notice

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Yeah.. here we go! The final, the end of the MAGIC of LOVE, the answer for our curiousity and also the great service for our imagination! What happened in the last eps was really what in my imagination, DAEBAK! Sec Kim and AY, Seul and OSka are too cute but of course JW and RI never been lost from them..

Marriage Registry scene:
RI asks JW where we're going, but JW answered you'll know when we get there. When they arrive in a building and go in, RI asks again where's this? JW said this is her last chance if she wanna run away. ~ishould confirm this that JW rides RI to register their marriage.
The cutest word of JW came out "You really aren’t very bright, are you? It’s not because I love you. It’s because I love ONLY you. I have no other choice in the matter, you amazing woman."
and again, "with ring or no ring i'll marry you" ~Oooowwwww ,i can't stop screaming!
credit from soompi
Then they sign the marriage license with the heart symbol on top of it. ~you two really are too cute <3
Oska and Seul be the witnesses of their marriage.

Honeymoon  scene:
JW and RI go home (after marry) and found the room was being set by Seul with petals.. JW make a move to RI (obviously the move like others new marry couple, hehe) but RI away, and finally JW fall off to the bed and RI pushes him and start the KISS!! OMG, i can't close my eyes for a looooong kiss duration! it kills me ^^ it was very precious! haha
In the morning they hold hand together, and they played with snow, both in Blue Sparkling Tracksuit! ~now the tracksuit availabe for couple, i think.. hehe
They made me so jealous of their romantic motions.. I love JW and RI so muuuch!



Sit up scene:
Do you know what did i do whole this scene? I screamed, Oh my, oh my! i really wanna have soul swap at that moment with RI. JW tries to kiss her everytime she came up! OMG, give me a soul switch right now! hahaha But then JW pull RI to the bed scene! again??? hahah, i love you Joo Wonie

Elevator scene:
hahaha, now JW can take the elevator and guess what happened?? KISSING! *clap clap clap! they're kissing and the funny thing was the others employee include Sec Kim, caught them, in the mid the moment and he took out his camera, LOL

Then 5 years past just like that
The scene show us JW put the 3 pairs of shoes kids', well our couple have 3 adorable kids; a twin boy and a girl. One day RI and JW bring their children to the Evil mom and she welcome them cheerily but just let JW and RI outside the house (eer, you know who i'm talking abt) and she still reject RI as she said on previous episode "if one day you(JW) have children i'll only accept them not their mom", well okay, you are so consistent mom..
Oska and Seul:
This couple have their ownhappy ending. Finally Oska propose Seul!!

Ah Young and Sec Kim:
They do have their cute moments, like the Foam Kiss as RI had with Joo won.. and when they walk by the side of Han river they found the bottle that Sec Kim threw it on Jeju Island.

The scene when RI and JW walk together with JW hugs her back while they are walking to JW  house after baby sitting, has the magic on me and now i realize after they live happy ever after they have syc walking, not like the previous sync walking where they are separated.

The last scene:
Portray abt the 21yo JW who still in his hospital pijama walking to RI's dad funeral. He saw RI crying and he can't go in. So he just wait outside.
Then when RI was asleep he goes towards her and saying "i'm sorry i'm sorry" repeatedly.. Then he faint to the floor and saw RI lift up her eyebow (seems she had a nightmare), and JW put his finger to her forhead just like the STARE scene before. And than he sleep next to RI and his hand landed to above RI's hand



Saturday, January 15, 2011

Secret Garden Ep 19 Short Notice

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This is my FIRST ever of Secret Garden scene by scene trans randomly. Okay, i just understand some scenes but i can't help myself nonethless to write it! I really got so excited sice SG is going to an END!
And i'm sure enough a Happy Ending for SG!! Love Writer Kim forever!

warning: this is just the random scenes..

Spa scene:
This is so funny! I love when they take a bath together, with their underwear on of course! I think JW said something that moves RI so she hugs him.. But still our Jerk JW is a Jerk, he makes a move on her back with his hand ~sigh, you are totally a pervert Kim Joo Won!!

Elevator Scene:
Start when JW is in his library he was thinking abt what his mother told him.. Then he takes a book Alice In Wonderland of course and finds a page of Little Mermaid line with his own writting. Then suddenly he remembers everything one by one, scene by scene abt RI and also abt his own accident.
He rushes run towards his car and remembers everything on his way to RI's house. And when he arrives he tells her abt the elevator accident. But before that, right after his arrival JW hugs RI and kisses her head! ~okay, i love JW.
JW said sorry that he told her everything so late. His leg injured, her dad was saving him out from the elevator but he sure enough that he can't make it coz the elevator is going to move down, so he asked JW a favor to tell her daughter (RI), sorry that he came home late. ~cry a river mode

Great Kim Joo Won Scene:
This scene happens in the end of this episode, when JW come to her mom. Then he told her that she is terrible for him and RI but she is worst to herself ~yay, gotcha you Evil MOM!! Grrrr!
The he continue and then said you lost your pride and me. ~ God Damn It! I love his word, they are so precious for me and RI, and all Gardeners! Yaay~ o(^▽^)o
And he tells her again, i won't live as your son anymore, sorry.. but i lived for 34years to be your son and from now on for the rest of my life I am going to live as her husband!
Kim Joo Won, do you know wht did you do to me?? You really are satisfy me! Ilove your moves and your bravery to neat your Evil Mom!

I almost forgot, Ah Young and Sec Kim have their FOAM KISS!! hahaha, but AY told him, who gave you a permission for doing that, and he answered in the dramas they don't need one. LOL, you are in a drama right, Sec Kim? so i think AY was mistaken and forgot that both of you are in the drama titled Secret Garden. haha, i can't stop laughing!!

So sorry, if i get it wrong.. since i have no sub when watching.. hehe

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Song Joong Ki's Trip in Japan

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My last post was about Joong Ki's riding bycicle aroun Australia, and now is Joong Ki's trip in Tokyo, Japan. This is other cable program in Japan and he trips for foods. This program belongs to QTV program, where Song Joong Ki surfings for foods in Tokyo.

He loses the game so, he goes out for buying snacks, with the Nightmare hoodie jacket (i love it)  and wearing glasses

Are you going to feeding me Joong Ki-ya? LOL


For some reasons, i really into his smile.. his smile is so warm hearted

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Song Joong Ki's Aura of Pretty Boy

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Warning!! This post contents probably cause Heart Attack, Unstopable Drooling and many high risk of your healths. Please control yourself
Well, i'd already warned you girls!

These are some pics of Joong Ki when doing shooting in Australia for Elle, on last December 2010
I love his Jeans!

What are you doing pretty boy? Lying under the sun?

I don't know why he can be success holding my eyes, heart and mind tightly. He is so cute and he is the pretty boy that i admire.. His young baby face is so innocent!

I never watch Sunkyunkwan Scandal (don't know if i typed the title correctly), but i knew him from his magazines photoshoot. And i found him so cute, eerr just ignore abuut the six packs thingie that whose another idols have.

Omo... I can't keep my eyes just staring like that!!

BUt, yeah! The way he's smilling makes me diiieeeeeee! COz now i'm following Running Man, so i get more more and more for feeling for his aura and gently look.
Here is the bonus!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Tears of Joo Won

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 Tears of poor Kim Joo Won starts by this crazy epic scenes

Uljima Joo Wonie ToT

Let's wipe our tears away.. with the BTS

Are you enjoying your sleep?? LOL, he really is sleeping!

Secret Garden preview Ep 19 & 20

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The written preview for episode 19 & 20 are up!!

episode 19:걸어가던 라임의 뒷모습을 오래오래 보던 주원은 뒤돌아 보며 자신에게 예쁘게 손을 흔들어 주는 라임의 모습을 보자 자신도 모르게 후 다다다 뛰어나가 라임을 잡고 데려다 주겠다고 한다. 라임은 왜 이렇게 늦게 나왔냐며 얼른 뛰어나왔어야지.. 라고 말한뒤 중요한 미팅이 있으니 자신이 운전하게 차키를 달라고 한다. 주원은 라임이 하는말마다 대답도 하지못하고 할말을 잃는데...
-RI is walking home and JW stares at her from behind for a long time
-As soon as he sees RI turn around and wave prettily at him, he unconsciously runs out to catch up to RI and offers to give her a ride
-RI replies "Why did you come out so late? You should have run out sooner..."
-She then says that she has an important meeting, so she asks for the car keys so she can drive (episode 1, anyone? <3)
-JW is speechless at everything RI says...

episode 20:주원과 마주 앉은 박상무는 바짝 긴장해서 주원을 바라보고,주원은 그런 박상무를 물끄러미 바라보다 자신의 자리를 뺀 최고의 자리에 오르라며 자신을 도와달라고 부탁한다. 썬에게 구박을 받으며 트레이닝 받던 오스카 에게 슬은 스케줄을 주고 썬은 오스카에게 심부름을 시켜 오스카를 나가게 한다. 오스카가 나간뒤 썬과 슬 두사람은 남아 서로 투닥거리기 시작하는데...
-Park Sang Moo (YES HE'S BACK! <3) is nervous to sit face-to-face with JW
-JW asks Park to help him, and in return he'll get the highest position in the company, excluding the president position.
-Oska is getting abused/ill-treatment(?) (구박) by Sun while getting trained by him.
-Seul gives Oska his schedule and gives him a chore to make him leave
-After Oska leaves Seul and Ssun begin to bicker...

Cr translation: starcandii@soompi

Secret Garden BTS 3

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Are you expecting for Laugh?? here you go!!
Everyone are laughing!!

 Look, look!! Seul is laughing!! a.m.a.z.i.n.g
Add caption

This is my favorite!!

Hello, what's up JS??

Hyun Bin! you are too CUTE for being hugged by Phillip Lee! LOL



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