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Friday, March 11, 2011

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo Break Up

Posted by wikewiw at 9:19 AM
On March 7th Hyun Bin avid fans had been in a saddening state due to his enlistment to army. On March 8th HB fans, SHK fans and all Kdrama lovers being surprised because of the official announcement of this ex- couple.

My two cents: actually i've already had a feeling about this (the break up), there are some clues which led my feeling. Remember SBS Drama Award last year? Binie didn't say any thank to SHK, indeed if you are in a healthy relationship you will thanks to your lover for the support and love that you'd received, right? (correct me if i'm wrong!). Binnie said "Komawo" (Korean lang Thank You to a person that close to you or informal) only to Ha Ji Won! Sorry, I have no intension of bringing up a scandal or something, but that is the POINT that I need to underline.

I'm not a fan and an anti of Binnie-Kyo relationship, I'm just a fan of Binnie! I really respect their choise and really wish everything goes well for this man and woman. Wish Binnie can discharge and safely back to entertainment industry and for Hye Kyo, I wish her projects going to be success (just like Full House)

Eat well, Sleep well!

He is missing someone already, *glance--->Wonnie  *ooops! hehehehe


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