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Friday, March 11, 2011

Yoon Eun Hye In Person

Posted by wikewiw at 8:42 AM

The content of this post really have nothing to do with her recent interview "Yoon Eun Hye In Person"  (translated to English) but mostly just my opinion about her interview. 
Reporters Jun Joo Yup & Lee Ye Eun, Sports Chosun

I read some interviews with my dearest Yoon Eun Hye unnie, recently she had (many) interviews with media  both in Korea and abroad. After I read all her answers, I totally into her~ more~ and more~ into her. You can tell I love her more because she really is a great actress with great personality (I've mentioned it 100 times already :D).

In the interview, she was asked aboout her friendship. YEH personally is a person who's not easily to close with someone. She has been in entertainment industry for a while but yet she doesn't have many close friends.
"I'm not even good at asking a senior I worked with his/her phone number. It's really hard for me to open up to people." Even so, Yoon Eun Hye said that she was very lucky to have met 3 friends through 'My Black Mini Dress'.
Maybe she is the type of person who can't first approach someone else and become close. 
YEH only has a few of guy friends. She mentioned Gong Yoo, Lee Sun Kyun and Joo Ji Hoon are her guy close friend and still keep contact until now (frequently). Hmm, I smell something fresh for Gong Yoo-YEH friendship, it smells like TUNA.. hahah (But I like YEH-Won Bin more and wish they can be fated?? lol). I'm quite surprised with her answer, cuz i think her guy close friend won't be from entertainment industry.

YEH is indeed a perfectionista.. She will take care everything and put much effort on something she's doing personally.
“For example, I can think that there’s no way MBMD’s Yoo Min would use a certain cell phone case. If I am not satisfied with the accessories that are given to me, I’m only comfortable if I prepare it. It’s because that’s the moment when I really become the character I’m supposed to act. If I was to become the character, I have to wear and use items that I believe the character would use.”
As many fans have been thinking of, YEH does execise properly so tht's why she has a good proportion body with wonderful legs. Otherwise, YEH can't exercise due to edema! OMG, this is a big thing that I've just known.! If this interview doesn't exist, maybe I'll not know about her edema and low-blood-presure. Her answers surprised me enough and wordering, where did she get her strength? She known as The Young Girl Warrior during XMan era, and recently she beated director Heo In Mooo in wrestling. Though she can't exercise at least her meals support her powerful energy! hehehe

I realy wanna share all my opinions about her interview, but there are too many words that will come out and out and out about her answers. So, the best think I can do is share the interview links! This interview actually had been translated by CDBloom@yooneunhye.net
YEH interview quote translated by CDBloom@yooneunhye.net


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