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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SNSD went under Plastic Surgery?

Posted by wikewiw at 9:59 AM
There are many rumours spreading around that SNSD's member went under surgery, I admit, they are 9 girls with impression talents and beauty, so many people loves them. Not only in Korea, they also have many fans around the world. Now they are famous in Japan coz of their debut recently in Japan.

I like their songs, MVs, and their looks, but first time i heard abt them and getting know abt the surgery things, I officially don't like them and feel so disappoint. Well, until now I still not sure enough abt their surgery, let's don't mention abt the old photos and their child photos. Coz as you know when people grows up they are changing and it could be the case if there's something different especially in their faces. Though I know the difference isn't huge enough, but who know the facts besides themselves and God.

The time goes, and everyday I see their news and success. I think they are really success as a girl group and really have many fans, in huge numbers of fans of course! I really proud of them. Now I really don't care abt their surgery coz the matter of KPOP industry is their performance by voice, dance, and personality not the plastic surgery. Maybe for some people looks are the important matter also (just like my beauty and angel heart YEH unnie, she's beautiful, smart, kind, polite and multitalented hehe), but that is not the point. IMO

Besides the huge number of fans SNSD also have huge number of antis, and i heard the Plastic Surgery rumours were being spreaded by antis. I have no idea if that is true or not. I was going to the antis web and yeah, if you are a fan you'll only get hurt be in that web.

Now it's my time to share a video that i'd just found abt SNSD's Plastic Surgery. Enjoy watching

So, after watching this video what's your idea? Plastic or not?
my answer is: according to my sight (from this vid) they didn't do Plastic Surgery before. Their face change coz of they grow up.. ^^ But still i don't know the facts, but the fact that i know they are 9 pretty girls with success carrier..

*I really am so sorry if my writting hurt other people, I have no intention of mocking other parties just wanna share my thoughts abt the Plastic Surgery of SNSD.


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