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Monday, January 17, 2011

Secret Garden Final Episode Short Notice

Posted by wikewiw at 12:27 AM
Yeah.. here we go! The final, the end of the MAGIC of LOVE, the answer for our curiousity and also the great service for our imagination! What happened in the last eps was really what in my imagination, DAEBAK! Sec Kim and AY, Seul and OSka are too cute but of course JW and RI never been lost from them..

Marriage Registry scene:
RI asks JW where we're going, but JW answered you'll know when we get there. When they arrive in a building and go in, RI asks again where's this? JW said this is her last chance if she wanna run away. ~ishould confirm this that JW rides RI to register their marriage.
The cutest word of JW came out "You really aren’t very bright, are you? It’s not because I love you. It’s because I love ONLY you. I have no other choice in the matter, you amazing woman."
and again, "with ring or no ring i'll marry you" ~Oooowwwww ,i can't stop screaming!
credit from soompi
Then they sign the marriage license with the heart symbol on top of it. ~you two really are too cute <3
Oska and Seul be the witnesses of their marriage.

Honeymoon  scene:
JW and RI go home (after marry) and found the room was being set by Seul with petals.. JW make a move to RI (obviously the move like others new marry couple, hehe) but RI away, and finally JW fall off to the bed and RI pushes him and start the KISS!! OMG, i can't close my eyes for a looooong kiss duration! it kills me ^^ it was very precious! haha
In the morning they hold hand together, and they played with snow, both in Blue Sparkling Tracksuit! ~now the tracksuit availabe for couple, i think.. hehe
They made me so jealous of their romantic motions.. I love JW and RI so muuuch!



Sit up scene:
Do you know what did i do whole this scene? I screamed, Oh my, oh my! i really wanna have soul swap at that moment with RI. JW tries to kiss her everytime she came up! OMG, give me a soul switch right now! hahaha But then JW pull RI to the bed scene! again??? hahah, i love you Joo Wonie

Elevator scene:
hahaha, now JW can take the elevator and guess what happened?? KISSING! *clap clap clap! they're kissing and the funny thing was the others employee include Sec Kim, caught them, in the mid the moment and he took out his camera, LOL

Then 5 years past just like that
The scene show us JW put the 3 pairs of shoes kids', well our couple have 3 adorable kids; a twin boy and a girl. One day RI and JW bring their children to the Evil mom and she welcome them cheerily but just let JW and RI outside the house (eer, you know who i'm talking abt) and she still reject RI as she said on previous episode "if one day you(JW) have children i'll only accept them not their mom", well okay, you are so consistent mom..
Oska and Seul:
This couple have their ownhappy ending. Finally Oska propose Seul!!

Ah Young and Sec Kim:
They do have their cute moments, like the Foam Kiss as RI had with Joo won.. and when they walk by the side of Han river they found the bottle that Sec Kim threw it on Jeju Island.

The scene when RI and JW walk together with JW hugs her back while they are walking to JW  house after baby sitting, has the magic on me and now i realize after they live happy ever after they have syc walking, not like the previous sync walking where they are separated.

The last scene:
Portray abt the 21yo JW who still in his hospital pijama walking to RI's dad funeral. He saw RI crying and he can't go in. So he just wait outside.
Then when RI was asleep he goes towards her and saying "i'm sorry i'm sorry" repeatedly.. Then he faint to the floor and saw RI lift up her eyebow (seems she had a nightmare), and JW put his finger to her forhead just like the STARE scene before. And than he sleep next to RI and his hand landed to above RI's hand




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