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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Secret Garden Ep 19 Short Notice

Posted by wikewiw at 9:52 AM
This is my FIRST ever of Secret Garden scene by scene trans randomly. Okay, i just understand some scenes but i can't help myself nonethless to write it! I really got so excited sice SG is going to an END!
And i'm sure enough a Happy Ending for SG!! Love Writer Kim forever!

warning: this is just the random scenes..

Spa scene:
This is so funny! I love when they take a bath together, with their underwear on of course! I think JW said something that moves RI so she hugs him.. But still our Jerk JW is a Jerk, he makes a move on her back with his hand ~sigh, you are totally a pervert Kim Joo Won!!

Elevator Scene:
Start when JW is in his library he was thinking abt what his mother told him.. Then he takes a book Alice In Wonderland of course and finds a page of Little Mermaid line with his own writting. Then suddenly he remembers everything one by one, scene by scene abt RI and also abt his own accident.
He rushes run towards his car and remembers everything on his way to RI's house. And when he arrives he tells her abt the elevator accident. But before that, right after his arrival JW hugs RI and kisses her head! ~okay, i love JW.
JW said sorry that he told her everything so late. His leg injured, her dad was saving him out from the elevator but he sure enough that he can't make it coz the elevator is going to move down, so he asked JW a favor to tell her daughter (RI), sorry that he came home late. ~cry a river mode

Great Kim Joo Won Scene:
This scene happens in the end of this episode, when JW come to her mom. Then he told her that she is terrible for him and RI but she is worst to herself ~yay, gotcha you Evil MOM!! Grrrr!
The he continue and then said you lost your pride and me. ~ God Damn It! I love his word, they are so precious for me and RI, and all Gardeners! Yaay~ o(^▽^)o
And he tells her again, i won't live as your son anymore, sorry.. but i lived for 34years to be your son and from now on for the rest of my life I am going to live as her husband!
Kim Joo Won, do you know wht did you do to me?? You really are satisfy me! Ilove your moves and your bravery to neat your Evil Mom!

I almost forgot, Ah Young and Sec Kim have their FOAM KISS!! hahaha, but AY told him, who gave you a permission for doing that, and he answered in the dramas they don't need one. LOL, you are in a drama right, Sec Kim? so i think AY was mistaken and forgot that both of you are in the drama titled Secret Garden. haha, i can't stop laughing!!

So sorry, if i get it wrong.. since i have no sub when watching.. hehe


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