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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

Posted by wikewiw at 10:12 PM
AAh~ both phrases above are going to kill me!!


I officially into them, I really love these two adorable cute phrases ^^.
First time I met them in MGiaG Drama aka My Girlfriend is A Gumiho. Because I'm now following (watching aka can't keep my eyes catch out of them) this drama, I'm so so so so sooo into the drama, officially!! hehehehe
This show is sooo adorable!! If you are a KDrama Lover or An anti KDrama, I with no doubt recommend this drama. And I'm absolutely sure that you (the anti are gonna love this cute drama~just my wild oppinion ^^).

First time I read the article stated that MGiaG was going to start airing on (last) August I really didn't pay any attention. I thought this drama would be the-average-plot-drama. But, I was in a Big NO Circle and I swollen my own drool, I admit!! 
What I got from this drama was (is - untill now) going to laugh out loud in every episodes. Sometimes I just smile but then going on and on in an unstoppable LOL.. #What a Great Drama! So Funny! Instead, I always try to download every episodes and the subs everyday (actually I'm downloading episode 10 right now :LOL:). I think this drama is already in my Drive-Me-Crazy-Drama List  :LOL:

I am so so so so sooo love the characters, the story, Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi's acting!!!!

Here's some the cuteness and sadness scenes that make me crazy!!

Mi-ho played by Shin Min Ah
Dae-Woong played by Lee Seung Gi

Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi) meets a girl (Shin Min Ah) and falls in love with her. The girl is actually a gumiho, a legendary fox with nine tails that eats the livers of humans. When he finds out that she is a gumiho, he ends up doing crazy things to prevent the girl from eating his liver.

Episode 3
 Being surrounded by water dulls her gumiho senses and leaves her feeling defenseless, but she doesn’t want to protest because Dae-woong is in such a bad mood, so she meekly waits. Therefore she can’t sense Dae-woong exiting the boat, running along the pier, and leaving her behind. She only notices when she looks out to the pier and sees Dae-woong speeding away from her. 
On the boat, Mi-ho huddles off to the side, shivering. She realizes, “He abandoned me and left. And after he promised.”
Tears start to fall from her eyes, just as the clear skies suddenly cloud over and the sunshower (fox rain) starts to fall. 
The rainfall stops Dae-woong in his tracks, realizing what this means: “Mi-ho is crying.”
Episode 4
On the boat, Mi-ho starts to lose control of her outward appearance, when a few factors are compounded: her fox bead is far away, she’s scared because of the water, and then a dog (ie, a tasty treat?) comes close. Her eyes change to a bright blue, and she hides in the bathroom, as her other fox-features start to come out.

Dae-woong can’t hide his freakout. He can barely look at her, but he drapes a tablecloth over her, and they get off the boat. Outside, she asks why he left her there. He feels a pang of guilt, but lies that he didn’t leave her. The boat attendant follows them out to get his tablecloth back, and as he pulls it off of Mi-ho, Dae-woong swoops her close, and holds her tight. They spend a moment in a time-suspended mystical hug. And then he says they’ll be fine if he holds her close the whole way home.
Mi-ho pops her head up and beams—she’s returned! she says that it’s because he came back for her. He thinks they’re good to go, but Mi-ho grabs his jacket and pulls him in for another hug, wanting to be close to her fox bead for a little longer. Dae-woong is taken aback, but finds himself tentatively happy, as he gives in holds her for a little longer. He awkwardly asks if that’s long enough, but she’s not done (heh), so he holds on, petting her hair as she sighs blissfully. (aah~ they did cute scenes like two kittens!!)

Episode 6
At the bus stop, the entire gaggle of men (and even an ajumma) waiting for the bus marvel at Mi-ho, gaping at how pretty she is. Mi-ho is busy staring at a picture of beef, while Dae-woong shakes his head at their naivete, for being fooled by her beauty. That is, until one of them gets up to talk to her. Dae-woong glances sidelong in anger, and steps up to Mi-ho, putting his arm around her right in front of the guy, and sticking his hand out to show the ring.
On the bus, they sit an aisle apart, but then another guy sees Mi-ho and decides to get up and sit next to her. Eagle-eyed Dae-woong sees him and beats him to the seat, silently taking her hand and holding it up, to display their matching rings. The guy hangs his head in defeat. (Show, I really love the show!!! Seems I was dragged onto Cliff!! )

Mi-ho asks why he’s sitting next to her now, when he kept telling her to keep her distance, and he answers with puffed up bravado that he’s selflessly doing it to save humanity and protect people from her, much like his childhood idol, Batman.
They get interrupted by none other than Go Min-yeo (a cameo by Park Shin-hye, reprising her role in You’re Beautiful), who happens to be a high school junior of Dae-woong’s. She recognizes him, and they’re happy to see each other, saying how they’ve both gotten better looking.
And now it’s Mi-ho’s turn to stake her jealous claim. Min-yeo has to get off at the next stop, so she asks for Dae-woong’s new phone number, but when he reaches for his phone, Mi-ho grabs his ring hand and holds it up defiantly, in the same gesture that he just used. Min-yeo apologizes for intruding when he’s with his girlfriend, and leaves. (hahahahaha.. they are jealous to each other interupter(my own slang))

Episode 7
Mi-ho is trying to protect Dae-woong from the rain, so she has been holding the fallen school sign over his head — and for quite a while, at that.(aah, Mi-ho is so cute~)
Dae-woong asks if the sign is heavy. With her strength diminished, Mi-ho winces and starts to admit that it is, but he misses that and supposes that since she’s a gumiho, this must be easy for her.
Dae-woong plans to think for a little while longer, so he tells her to keep holding the sign for him. Not wanting to intrude or object, Mi-ho agrees, all the while grimacing in discomfort and alternating arms to deal with the ache.
Finally, Dae-woong reaches a conclusion and wraps up his thinking session. Figuring there’s nothing to hide, he puts the ring back on his finger.
Rising from his seat, he takes the sign from Mi-ho, and I appreciate the symbolism of the gesture: At first she thinks he’s going off alone, but when he indicates that she should come along, she races to join him.
Not only that, she grabs him around the middle and hugs him enthusiastically. Then she sees his reaction — perturbed — and backs off sheepishly, settling for grasping his shirttail

Episode 9
Mi-ho sings to herself while skipping along, “Dae-woong said he missed me, because he likes me. Then I should tell him too, that I’m going to be a person.”

Mi-ho: “Even if I don’t scare you, you’ll take care of my bead, won’t you?”
Dae-woong: “Yeah.”
Mi-ho: “Even if you don’t need it, you’ll take care of it, right?”
Dae-woong: “Yes. Do you still not trust me?”
Mi-ho: “I trust you. So even if I’m not with you, take good care of it.”
 His eyes widen — the meaning sinks in — and she tells him, “Dae-woong, I think I’m going to have to disappear from your side.”
Episode 10
Mi-ho calls Dae-woong to tell him that she has to leave his side. The look on Dae-woong’s face, angry and brimming with tears…breaks my heart. 
Dae-woong: Don’t come back! Are you doing this because I didn’t say that I missed you? Last time you left without saying a word, and now you’re going to make nothing but a phone call and disappear? You…go ahead and TRY to disappear like this. Where are you? … Did you follow me all the way to the hospital for my check-up? And how is someone like that going to disappear from my side? Don’t move a muscle and wait right there! I’ll come find you.
He runs outside, and calls Mi-ho, who finally answers. Dae-woong asks her to stop crying, but she can’t stop the tears. Dae-woong: “I don’t want to get rained on. You have to stop crying…so I can go to you.”
He realizes there’s only one way to stop her from crying. Dae-woong: “I…miss you.” She stops crying immediately in shock. Dae-woong: “I miss you like crazy. Stop crying, so I can get to you quickly.” He hangs up, and the rain stops. He looks up and smiles at the sky, and takes off running.

P.S: I have to make everything clear. Maybe some of you wondering why the cuteness sceces just a little? well, all I can tell I can't and have no rights to just copy-paste all recaps of each episodes. So if you want to see all the Cuteness and Sadness Scenes, just click the word "Dramabeans" below.

Credit: Dramabeans


andry yudha on June 17, 2011 at 9:28 PM said...

very very nice movie... very beautiful shin min ah, love her so so so so much :-).....
I LOVE UR STORY....i always watch the -*MY GIRLFRIEND IS AY GUMIHO-*

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