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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Playfull Kiss is The Resemble of GOONG

Posted by wikewiw at 9:47 AM
DO you remember this girl???
If you are a KDrama Lover, you should absolutely know her.. ^^
Shin Chae Kyong! yes, SHin Chae Kyong! character in Goong The-Hit-Popular-Drama in 2006.. Played by Yoon Eun Hye.
What about this girl??

Is this girl the same girl in the first pic?? Absolutely not!! They both are the different characters in different Dramas.
She is Oh Ha Ni in Playfull Kiss. New KDrama that airing on MBC Wednesday-Thursday. Played by Jung So Min.

Both characters is the same one, but still have different taste. Shin Chae Kyong and Oh Ha Ni are student who always wear athletic pants in their skirt. Both Drama have THE TEDDY BEAR DOLL in the end of their episode like this one
Aah~ this is killing me, why??? because Goong-Playfull Kiss have:
The same Director : Hwang In Roe
The same production company : Group8 / 8peaks
The similar (or same?) hair styles
The Teddy Bears!!!!
The "Little YEH" Jung So Min
And The same father Character in Goong
take a look at this pic

hahahahah.... This pic is already driving me crazy!! LOL
By the way, I always see the Young Yoon Eun Hye aka Shin Chae Kyong in Jung So Min aka Oh Ha Ni character. It's not bad enough..

Actually there are many articles out there said that Jung So Min is the 2nd coming of Yoon Eun Hye, JSM is the resemble of YEH! I admit that both JSM and YEH have the similar rabbit  teeth, anyway JSM is still the younger,, hahahaha

back to the drama, Playful Kiss doesn't have the very different plot of student love but i love this drama since JSM made me remember YEH character in GOONG. It's nicee~ (for me). But i really wish this drama has the different story from GOONG. And I'm sureee of this..

I wish JSM can make her own role to the sky, because it must be hard for her because all of the resemble articles out there. And it's hard enough to get her own way out of the comparing our Multi Talented SInger, Actress, Walking Doll , CF Queen YOON EUN HYE.
hahahaha The Walking Doll word i got from the article which its reporter seem really love Miss Yoon EUN Hye and he/she wrote the tittle just like this
Article: Yoon Eun Hye, 'A Walking Doll'
Actress Yoon Eun Hye is entering to participate in the event, 'Vogue Fashion Night Out', held at the main building of the Shinsegae Department Store on the 8th.
[Source: Sports Korea, Credit: CDBloom@yooneunhye.net]


omona said...

all i can say about JSM is she has the similar rabbit teeth..
but for me, YEH is the one and only..
no offense for JSM or anybody..

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