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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MGiaG Episode 11 Preview

Posted by wikewiw at 8:19 AM
Episode 11 had been already airing, coz i don't live in Korea so what all I can do to heal my impatient-waiting Eps 11 is dealing with this pic

Aah~ this almost kissu pic is so unbelievable. How come Daewoong turned completely lose his mind that Miho is a GUMIHO?? But, I trully into his change. 
In eps 10 Daewoong completely reveal and show his care to Miho  ~~aaw  And now, in eps 11 he kisses her??? (The video is at the bottom, enjoy watching!!)
~~double aaw aaw~~~tripple aaw aaw aaw
This drama, aargh~~ makes me aawing in every gained of DaeHo romance   P.S: DaeHo, Dae for Daewoong and Ho for Miho. So from now on I'm going to call this cute couple with DaeHo couple  hahahahha
Well, maybe I should confirm what I'd written in the recent post that "I didn't get attracted by the male lead" was a trully wrong, completely wrong, absolutely wrong. I was totally lose my mind!
He Is So~ Cute~ I admit, Cha Dae Wong is So~ Cute in each episode Lee Seug Gi Is~ The Charismatic Actor (sorry if I still didn't admit that he is Handsome coz I just look by my own eyes and he is not, hehehehe). At least I'd admit  it guys, soo you can stop insist me admitting any about him!For you (chingu) who really want to see me admit it on my own blog, I did it! I know you are so~ glad and can't stop teasing me  ~pfft ^^
The pic above is the cover of Lee Seung Gi digital single titled "From Now On I Love You" MGiaG OST. From INfo that I'd been told recently from my friend FromAirenIndo, this single will release tomorrow Sep 16 at 11AM KST/ 9AM WIB. 
But, Lee Seung Gi isn't the only one who made me really love this drama. Shin Min Ah did the same way too. Her natural acting become the lovable-lacking-different Miho is great! BTW I love her dimple, she has a natural beauty and is a charismatic person.

Eeiits!! And don't forget our Sly Fox Woman character The Noona aka The Sly Eun Hye In. She is the sly woman who plays as the Witch! As all we know, in every drama there must be (at least) one the Witch character.
This Witch is always trying her best to win Daewoong's heart, who (Hye In) was always reject him! Now Daewoong is really really lose his mind to Miho means really unofficially in love with Miho or crazy for Miho ^^. That's a karma, karma! you (sly noona) know?!

Hoi~Hoi couple preview kissu scene

Credit: katjacute
leeseungki airen cafe


Anonymous said...

I checked out your blog, and it's a reliaf that you admit it wikeee..
i'm so happy to read your post! hah, so~ glad to know that LSG sing a cute single for this Drama..
can't wait for the release time tomorrow..

wikeee on September 16, 2010 at 9:14 AM said...

hi LSGfans~~
it's great to know that my post made you happy..
the song is so~ Dae woong, had you already listened to it??

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