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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Posted by wikewiw at 9:37 AM
I don't know why i have to post this. But i just feel that i have to.. :)

It's time for me to share all of my opinion of this drama.
Coffee House is the new Drama of SBS, actually this drama began airing in SBS since May 17 and had just wraped on July 27.
I watched this drama over and over, again and again, especially since my sister bought the dvd this morning. I just feel that i have to RERUN coffee house for the third time.

I really have big expectation to this drama since it'd been airing in Korea for the first time and I watch it online.
The things that made me like KDramas Freak (watching) are the characters that successfully make me laugh, and curious what their trully feelings are, the story which are so far from my own estimate.

The casts :

  1. Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo : A famous talented writer who had a weird relationship with his publisher. HIs character is so unidentify (for me), from the outside he is such a profesional, but he is a perfectionist freak that always makes all people around him can't stand (him) anymore. He always makes fun with her secretary and uses her secretary as his distress object. He has a great out look but... you can identify his character by watching this drama . . :D

  2. Park Shi Yeon as Seo Eun Young : A president of publisher company and runs her own cafe. She really hates Lee Jin Soo, but they are close friend for 10 years. They work together as the writer and the publisher, besides that their relationship turn to the enemy each other. But the one that she hates most is her Ex-Fiancee that always approaches her everyday. I admit she was doing her greatest role as Seo Eun Young in acting field.

  3. Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon : She is  Lee Jin Soo's secretary. She is an amateur
    Barista in her own cafe and have no special ability. Seo Eun Young is trying to be a Profesional Secretary, so she insists Jin Soo to hire her to be his secretary. First time she met Lee Jin Soo was in her cafe and she suddenly fall for him because of his charm. I admit it, that Lee Jin Soo has a charming personality (at the first time you met).  This drama is her first acting debut, so i just see her acting was just as the newbie actor. But in some last episodes her acting skills are going better.

This Drama have no mention about the first leading female, it means that this drama keeps the spectators guessing WHO WILL THE WIRTER END WITH. It sounds interesting, while the other dramas outhere always pairing the leading first and have no spectators to guessing.
Will it be EunSoo or YeonSoo.  BUt i really the EunSoo couple  :D

Two thumbs up for Kang Ji Hwan and Park Shi Yeon!! Their acting are so great. For me, both of them successfully play their role as Lee Jin Soo and Seo Eun Young. According to my sight, the roles are so difficult, in this case they are able change their mood quickly to play this role.

And I really love the ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS of this drama. Since i've watched this drama online, i have no idea why i download them to my laptop, and now i have them in my handphone too.. ^^
    Watch online: Watch Coffee House
    enjoy watching!!

    Source: allkoreandrama


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