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Thursday, August 5, 2010

my nostalgic

Posted by wikewiw at 11:41 PM
now it's my turn to memorize my unforgetable moment when i'm in junior high..

when i was in se7en grade (no offense for a 'band') my mom told me that i have to join a famous private english course in my city. actually, my teacher was a 71 years old called EMPE (i have no idea how to write his fam called, but that word's mean uncle in chinese).

my first impression for him was he's a kind lovable man. but......
when he starts teaching, everyone's mood in my class included me turned to stricken. if  he asked us a question and we couldn't answer him well he'll hit us with his fav  little plastic ruler or if he didn't had one near his hand so he would pinch us. it was so embarrasing for the student and so horrible too but that the way he taught all of his students. his theory of  teaching forced me to study hard everyday.

>>he always gave all his students homework, and every homework which he'd checked we should
got it back to ask the parents signature for the proof that the parents already knew the result of the homework.
and the most embarrasing moment was his writing hand on my homework book "sama dengan RENITA DAN FITRI a.k.a similar with RENITA and FITRI's". do you know whht i felt that timeee???
hahahahahaahahahahaha,,,    that moment supposed to be happen, and i didn't wonder why,, that absolutly caused of our sharing time the homework together (CHEATING) in the 30 mins before class began..
*and sometimes EMPE came to us when we all are busy copying other's homework... LOL  :D   GOTCHA!!
photo below is ME (left) and RENITA (right) WE ARE THE WARRIORS OF 'EMPE ENGLISH COURSE'  LOL  :D 

>> he always gave us dozens of vocabulary and pronounsation. That absolutly meant that i was going to have a test the next day related to that vocabs and pronouns.  his range of worth is 0-100. if  i got 90 for my test so i deserve being hit ten times with his BIG PLASTIC RULER. so, absolutly i'd tried harder and harder to get 100 in my every test.
** does it sounds horrible?? honestly, no offense to him. 
i love his method of teaching someone, i am in this 'way' is one of  his.

*because of his way, i become in this state (sorry can't figure out the state)
just can say that, in this state i just wanna thanks to him,, since i know him, since he became my english tutor, since he  shared all his experiences with me...

 Now i am a college student, i have no idea about what's he doing right now, because i never came by to his house. if i go out i just pass his house and sometimes EMPE and UWA (his wife) sit (on a little chair) outside his house. and i just can call his name from the distance while passing through..
>> i shouted: "empeeeee"  and then he waved his hand altough he had no idea who called him (because of his bad eyes)

sometimes i really missed him, since i have no grandpa.. i really wanna come by and bring him some gifts,, but i always have no chance to do that...


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