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Monday, August 16, 2010

Things That I've just Realized Lately

Posted by wikewiw at 6:05 AM
So confuse whereabout to begin.
This post actually about my own habbit that i've just realized lately.

I've watched many K-Dramas since i was in elementary school (is it too young to watch Drama?? i think so  hahhaa) . Anyway, My first K-Drama is Autumn In My Heart a.k.a Endless Love. I love K-Dramas because of their story which so unexpected, full of tears, happiness,  full of great actors and actresess expressisons (meaning their great acting!), so touchy, and the good looking of actors and actresses.

**Nostalgia for a while
After my school time, i always waited for my fav drama. I was ready sitting in front of my TV and got so impatient enough that my fav drama begins. And then, tomorrow morning in school my friends and i start to discuss every single scene that aired yesterday. hahahaha  so classic, i miss this moments. but hours ago, i was ready sitting in front of my TV and got so impatient enough for 'You're Beautiful Last Episode' airing schedule (in my country). Seems my "school girl Habbit" just got back! hahahaha
Since i love K-Drama, i have no many dramas that i've watched. Why????? Because i'm so picky to watch them.

Since I'm picky enough in K-Drama, the Dramas that can be in my K-Drama list must have this criterias:
  1. Have Great Actors and Actress that i love (Won Bin, Song Hye Gyo, Yoon Eun Hye, Park Shi Yeon, Kang Ji Hwan, etc)
  2. Have the beautiful and handsome actors (if they don't have the good looking male-female leading actors, i probably won't watch @-@)
  3. Full of Laugh
  4. Full of tears
  5. unexpected plot
  6. unpredictable ending
  7. Great Soundtrack
  8. Classy Cars (fufufu ^^ )
  9. Colorful Scene but some has Darky Scene
My picky, just drag me to this Dramas:
  1. Autumn In My Heart (Great)
  2. Winter Sonata (Good)
  3. Full House (Great)
  4. Sassy Girl  (Average)
  5. Memories in Bali (Great)
  6. Goong (not finish until NOW)
  7. Love Story In Harvard (Good)
  8. The World They Live In (not finish until NOW)
  9. Coffee Prince (Great)
  10. Briliant legacy (Great)
  11. The Woman Who Wants to Marry (Average)
  12. Iris (Great)
  13. You're Beautiful (Good)
  14. Oh! My Lady (Average)
  15. Cinderella's Sister (Not finish until NOW)
  16. Personal Taste (Average)
  17. Coffee House (Great)
  18. My Fair Lady (Great)
 *please don't judge my rate. i have my own rate based on my own eyes and heart.. :LoL:

Last year Hallyu Atmosphere turned HOT, when the BBF a.k.a Boys Before Flower aired in Korea. And many kinds of  World (real world, cyber World) always made this BBF seems the best Drama of 2009. ~sigh~
I have no idea why the "people" out there likes BBF. i don't like that drama. It's so childish for me (form my own opinion), the story is so expected and the story is very-very different from Hana Yori Dango. i feel so fortune not watched the drama until finish (i just watched the 1st episode and so lazy to continue). But there's only one thing that i love from BBF their handsome actors!! ahahahah. I turn to be the fans of Lee Min Ho and Kim Sang Bum!!!
    **actually i become their fans since i watched Kim Bum in The Woman Who Wants to Marry (2010) and Lee Min ho in Personal Taste (2010). maybe these two guys become more famous since their debut in BBF, but they become more famous in my heart since their Killer Smile in thier newest drama this year. :LoL:

List below is my Next Should Watch Drama:
  1. The Vineyard Man (because Yoon Eun Hye is the female lead)
  2. Bad Guy (Just courius for the Video and the unpredictable ending, but i've read all the recaps of all episodes)
  3. Love Song (because Yoon Eun Hye is the female lead)
  4. Goong (i'm going to rewatch from the 1st episodes)
  5. The World They Live in (i'm going to buy the dvds and watch from the begining till the end
  6. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho a.k.a My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tail Fox (This drama is so funny, i've just been watching the first drama and it's sooooooooo entertaining)
And here is the list of  Must Watch of  Newest Dramas:
  1. Coffee House (The total acting of Park Shi Yeon and Kang Ji Hwan successfully makes me LAUGHING in each episode, the unpredictable ending, the good soundtrack ). If You wanna watch this drama online just click-->>  viikii.net . And if you wanna read all the recaps of episodes just click-->>  http://www.dramabeans.com/tag/coffee-house/
  2. Bad Guy (the interesting story just got my attention, and actually i have no interest in their leading actor but i just got feeling that i have to buy the dvds and watch it!) If You wanna watch this drama online just click-->> viikii.net .  And if you wanna read all the recaps of episodes just click -->> http://www.dramabeans.com/tag/bad-guy/
  3. Love Song (I should include this UPCOMING DRAMA in my list, because YEH is the female lead, and this drama will be her first MELODRAMA DEBUT since her career in acting fields. I really wish this drama become success just like her elder dramas GOONG, COFFEE PRINCE, THE VINEYARD MAN and MY FAIR LADY)  can't wait to watch in KBS WORLD on this earlier year!
  4. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho (This drama is fresh from the open. hahaha. I mean, this drama have just begun airing in last 11th. The Genre is Romantic Comedy.) If you wanna read the recaps of each apisode just click-->> http://www.dramabeans.com/tag/my-girlfriend-is-a-gumiho/ . And if you wanna watch this drama online just click-->> dramafans.org

Well, they all are just the reccomended K-Drama that got MY BIG ATTENTION.
*** Last But Not Least
Here are the Links If you really wanna watch K-Dramas Online (with English Sub) just click-->> viikii.net And dramafans.org


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