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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Young Girl Warrior

Posted by wikewiw at 7:07 PM
What's wrong with my Header Banner?? Is it a mistaken??
BIG NO, is the right answer!!
Coz I love Yoon Eun Hye start from her charismatic personality, pretty face, fashion style, kind-hearted soul, down-to-earth personality, and of course her natural acting.
She is the first actress that already stole my heart,, lol i'm a girl but i admire her so so so so much!!
And today is her birthday, she turns to 26 years old, but in  the Korean count she is 27 years old.(coz Korean start counting the age start from 1 years old after being born). So this post and my header banner are tribute to Yoon Eun Hye Birthday..
Saengil Chukae Unnie ^^

I was never get attracted by actors or actresses before, but after I watch her first debut in Drama Goong on 2007 in my country, Damn! she had stollen my heart from the first sight.. agak lebaay >.<
Then I start surfing on the webs and searching about her, and I got more attracted when knowing that she is the real good personality Walking Doll! hehe
But actually, her first appears  in Goong got many antis!! Many Koreans hate or disappointed when knowing she plays the role of Shin Chae Kyong, but as the time goes by the antis turn to fans and praise her natural acting and many more..

And my eyes always get hooked by her fashionista way! I don't know why everything she wears always looks fit and good on her, is it just me?? No, all my Warriors Friends think the same way like I do.. ^^
I really love her fashion way, even sometimes she often wears a you-can-see-through outfit hehe (some guys will drooling :D), but OMG! I love her fashion style.
And Yoon Eun Hye really loves wears Kill High Heels, as we all know that she is tall enough but seems she realy likes wearing 3 inches heels. NOt only a kill high heels, she also likes wearing big earings too.
Yoon Eun Hye at Chanel Winter Party on September, 28 2010 (Pic from her twitter account)
 She does many CF and she is A CF Queen in Korean Commercial Industry, and Basic House is a clothing line which cooperate with her for years. Pic below is a Shoot for Basic House Autumn Edition with Kim Hyung Joon (Playful Kiss)

I love her because she always caring and so mature, and of course her loyalty is never deniable.
When she played her role i My Fair Lady (2009) as Kang Hae Na, she got many insults of her accent and many Koreans outhere criticized with a harsh words about her role. She really got a  hurtful criticized ever! She was crying and said sorry for the antis who really don't like her at that time, but she really proved to the poeple who sent her a harsh words with her awards on KBS Drama Award 2009, She wins  many categories like Best Couple with Yoon Sang Hyun (My Fair Lady), Popularity Awards (MFL). She really did her best during the harsh words hit her! Yeah, that's what i'm talking about, she is the Young Girl Warrior!

  1. 2009

    • KBS Drama Awards – Most Popular Award (My Fair Lady)
    • KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award (with Yoon Sang Hyun in My Fair Lady)
  2. 2008

    • The 44th Baeksang Arts Awards – Best Actress (Coffee Prince)
  3. 2007

    • MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award (Coffee Prince)
  4. 2006

    • The Grimme Awards – Best Actress (The Vineyard Man)
    • KBS Drama Awards – Best New Actress Award (The Vineyard Man)
    • KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award (The Vineyard Man)
    • MBC Drama Awards – Best New Actress (Goong)

Many people really love her so much as I do. Recently she held a Fan Meeting in Japan. As I read many articles related to her FM, the attendences are not only from the young people, but there are also old people maybe in their 50-60s years old. Seems Yoon Eun Hye really gets much attraction by every level ages (teenagers, 20s-60s).

This pics taken at Japan Fan Meeting last September 18, 2010

She also singing on that FM, and I really really really love her cute unique soft voice. She was singing 3 songs
 The pic below was taken at Haneda Airport, Japan on her way back to Korea (from her Posterous on Twitter)

Saengil chukahamnida...
Saengil chukahamnida...
Saranghaneun Eun Hye onnie...
Saengil chukahamnida...

This cool pic created by yodya@yeh.net

Happy Birthday our Beloved Yoon Eun Hye, Wish you turn into a better person, always happy and health, your carrier still on the rocket jet, be the tougher woman and God always leads your way!!
And don't forget The Warriors will always wait for you tiredlessly and be ready to get you up once you get fall and support you till the end. 
But promise us you will just walk without any matters once you are really in the unfortunate state. Coz you have us, you always deserve our love unnie! :D

Credit: Yeh.net  , Yodya@yeh.net, YEH's Twitter


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