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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yoon Eun Hye's Debut As A Singer In Japan *Not Confirmed yet*

Posted by wikewiw at 6:40 AM
This is a super surprising great news ever!

Just note that Yoon Eun Hye is the First Female Hallyu Star who debut as a singer in Japan..
This is a proof that she is a really multitalented star!! She can acts, sings, and model plus has a kind hearted personality (as we can see her recent bazaar on her agency company)
SHe is preparing to release an album in the early of 2011!!

The House Company stated:
“We haven’t finalized the contract so we can’t release the details, but we have completed discussions with a global recording studio. We have agreed to work with an experienced Japanese producer who has worked with many famous idol stars.”
The other female Hallyu stars were just holding fan meetings not more. But Yoon Eun Hye is gaining interest as the first female Hallyu star to become active as a singer in Japan. Her sweet soft unique voice 's attracted Japanese producer to works with her.

*New Update 2010.10.18
But I think, this is not 100% confirmed, coz YEH was tweeting this days ago
On Thursday 14th October 2010, said:
"크하하 일본에서 음반내는거 아직 미정입니다..
창피하다 히히 부끄(^_^;)"

"제안이 들어온건 사실이예요 이번 팬미팅끝나고 ~
노래두 잘 못하는데 신기하네요ㅋ
넘 기대해주신분이 많아서 ㅠㅡㅜ 혹여나 실망하실까봐..
확정되거나 계획이생기면 소식알려드릴께요
오늘 하루 마무리잘하세요~뿅!!"
"Hahaha..Releasing an album in Japan hasn't been decided yet..
It's kinda embarrassing, heehee..(^_^;)
But it's true that we've received the offer after the fan meeting~
It's kinda surprising when I'm not that great in singing, keke
Because so many people are looking forward to this ㅠㅡㅜ just in case you get disappointed..
I'll let you know if it becomes a sure thing or if the plans are set..
Have a great ending to your day~ Love you!"

~FYI, I was so curious, shocked, and happy because after an article which about her Japan Singing Debut is in YEH.net main site, she tweeted like that. It seeems she was viisiting and reading that article in YEH.net and confirmed us that it is not decided yet.~

And just for refreshing our memory, YEH is preparing her movie and drama too. Seems next year is gonna be YEH and Warriors' Year!! In 2011 Yoon Eun Hye will treat her Warriors very well with her 3 super surprising shocking projects Movie, Drama, and an Album

Credit: CDBloom


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it's a grate news!!

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