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Friday, October 8, 2010

Won Bin's New Movie Project

Posted by wikewiw at 7:08 AM
Yay, Yay!!! I'm so excited to know this news!! Finally my Fav Actor comes out with his new project!! Actually I'd read many articles related months ago, but just have his news in my mind this time.. hehehe

Won Bin was recently filming a thriller movie titled "Ahjusshi" aka "The Man From Nowhere" . This movie was released last August 4 and at its first week had become # 1 box office in Korea and had 1 million admittance!
Seems Won Bin was the most wanted coming back actor by his fans ~myself ^^

His role in this movie is a recluse who has only one little girl as her friend. One day he little girl is kidnapped and Won Bin is trying to rescue her. He played as Tae Shik a hermit who has a hidden past an isolated himself from the world.

This film will be in US theatres this October. I wish this film will be screening in my country too... hehe

Click the "Click here" button to see the trailer ^^

Details of the trailer
The young girl is his neighbor and asking, “Ajusshi, are you really a gangster?” He asks the girl if he looks like a bad person to her, and she answers with a little laugh, “It’s just that it seems like jail would suit you.” The on screen title reads, “They shouldn’t have messed with him” as he launches into a series of violent fights, and then adds, “His one and only friend… called him ajusshi.” Hence the significance of the title. As the trailer closes, he says, “Even if I find her… you two are dead.”

Credit: KMDb01


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