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Monday, December 20, 2010

Miss Yoon Eun Hye don't be sad, ok?

Posted by wikewiw at 4:57 PM
This morning i checked this Yeh.net , and what did i got? A sad translation of Ms Yoon Eun Hye's tweet..

YEH's tweet(s)
Dec 20, 2010
First tweet:
이젠 용서하자..
Let's now forgive..
용서란 무엇일까 .. 라는생각을 몇번이고 하게만드는 밤입니다..
What is forgiveness?..It's a night that makes me think over and over many times..
용서.. 참따뜻한 단어이기도하지만
참.......차가운 단어인것 같습니다
Forgiveness..It's a very warm word, but
it seems to be a very cold word..
상대방이 몰라준다한들
나만 용서하면 끝나는 일일거같은데..
모르고있는 사람덕분에 더.. 맘이 외롭습니다
It should be fine as long as I alone forgive
even if the person doesn't realize..
but because of the person who doesn't realize
my heart feels lonely..
나의 영혼이 번민하고 종일토록 마음에 근심하기를 어느 때까지 하오며 내 원수가 나를 치며 자랑하기를 어느 때까지 하리이까
How long will my spirit suffer and worry all day? And how long will my bitter foe gloat upon striking me down?
이 구절이 참 와닿는 밤입니다
It's a night when this (above) passage is very meaningful.
Second tweet:
아.. 계속 촬영이있다가 없으니.. 참.. 이상하다~ 요즘 하루하루가 너무 신난다 연기할수있어 감사하고 좋은분들만나 감사하고 그안에서 행복을 느낄수있어 감사하다.. 참.. 요즘만 같아라~
Ah..not having to film, after filming all the time..it's really strange~ Every day is so much fun these days. I'm grateful for the opportunity to act, grateful to be able to meet good people, and grateful that I can feel happiness within such situation...Really..let everyday be like these recent days~
 Maybe there's someone who made her sad and then she tried forgave that person.. Don't be sad my lovely unnie, i'm going to be sad too. When you forgive someone but that person doesn't realize, lonely really will follow you and then you'll drag to the empty room in your soul..

Translation done by: CDBloom@yooneunhye.net


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