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Saturday, July 31, 2010

it's time for us to take away the hallyu

Posted by wikewiw at 8:04 AM

cham,, kemaren2 postingan gw gak lepas dari artis-artis korea that i admire.. and now it's time for ANIME..

haahaha.. honestly i'm a little bit embarrased to speak it up >.< manga comic that i love much are ONE PIECE and DETECTIVE CONAN. actually i follow their plot since i was in elementary school until NOW!! maybe i'm old enough for them, but i just jump out when the comics out!! and i just feel that i have to buy them though i already download them. yeeeaaah,, i know that i am so freak enough. but that's the real me :") *why i love ONE PIECE??? hmm, i love the way of the story that really really unpredictable, i mean in 'specifics'. the characters that can bring me into it! when i read the comic i feel the same spirit, the same emotional that come out over me,,, agak lebay sih tapi begitu adanya.. kalo ceritanya emang lg sedih ya jd ikt sedih. for me ni komik sangat beda. *why i love DETECTIVE CONAN? hmm, that's because i read the whole volume that'd out. and i just got my curiousity comes out because i don't wanna miss it and wanna know the ending though.


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