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Saturday, July 31, 2010

my *stubborness*

Posted by wikewiw at 10:07 PM
i just can't stop laughing at myself.. after i memorizing that:

*a month ago, when i started to watch my dvds (korean serial drama) which the title is PERSONAL TASTE,  i admire the good looking of its man leading. and i googling about that serial profil to find information about the actor and finally, i got that he is Lee Min Ho.
and after that time i really really realized that i unofficially become his fan.

*before that 'Lee Min Ho fan realization', months ago when i wacthed my dvds titled WOMAN WHO STILL WANTS TO MARRY, i got my eyes on its man leading actor. that's because i love the way of that actor smile..
after that i started to googling and found that he is Kim Bum. and yeeah of course i am a fan of him.

hmmm, i have to make this confession,,
i had never been such a crazy fan at all. but know i already admire these two fellow's charm.
i just admire their charm and maybe i can say i have  no interest in their acting though. as long as the two dramas are just have average rating for myself.

Seriously i have no idea that those two cool and cute guys were in BBF a.k.a BOYS BEFORE FLOWER which i really hate. because of the story is too expectable and so childish. and i already knew that they were in it was about two months ago.. hahahaha   maybe swallow my own word is the best words for me..
and those two of my stubborness just make me laugh.
it just so ridiculous for me


Anonymous said...

ouch ouch ouch!!!
they are so awesome..

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