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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Hair Miss Yoon Eun Hye??

Posted by wikewiw at 11:46 AM
Who is it??
First time i saw this pic two weeks ago, i did'nt realize the one in this pic and didn't pay attention on her..
But when i read recent articles in YEH.net about her appearance in some events: "Love Your W" Breast Cancer fundraiser charity, TOD's Fashion Party in Beijing, and at Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2011 i'd realized that the one on that pic was her!
Damn! I need days and more pics to recognize her...

She cut her hair that short, that's why i didn't recognize her..

She upload this pic on her twitter
"일주일전쯤 찍은사진들을 정리하다가 ~ http://post.ly/18ZTz "
"While organizing the pictures I took about a week ago ~"
Pics below was taken after she attended TOD's in Beijing
first pic
second pic
1003Grace YoonEunHye
"첫번째사진 씻기전에 화장이예뻐서 찍었는데 눈이빨갛게 충혈이ㅠㅡㅜㅋㅋ피곤했나? 두번째사진은 코트에가려져있던 시계까지 한데모으니 복부인같다 ㅋㅋ 리치걸!ㅋㅋ http://yfrog.com/6t33cfj http://yfrog.com/31mecj
"The first picture. I took it before washing up because the makeup was pretty, but the eyes are bloodshot and red ㅠㅡㅜㅋㅋMaybe I was tired? The second picture. After collecting all the watches,even the ones hidden by the coats, I look like one of those *rich housewives, keke rich girl! keke http://yfrog.com/6t33cfj http://yfrog.com/31mecj"

YEH at "Love Your W" Charity Event
Would you please don't keep staring on her chest!! Put your sense together and get somem tissues!!
ooo.. not again, keep your eyes away buddy!!
1003Grace YoonEunHye
Love your w 행사잘다녀왔습니다! 허리는 완전잘록하고 귀여우면서 섹시한 루이비통의상덕분에 많은분들의관심이!! ㅎㅎ 몇몇분들이 넘 얼굴도안나온 정수리만나온사진을 올려주셔서 조금 속상하긴하지만~;;ㅠㅡㅜㅋ http://post.ly/17r9k
3 minutes ago
I'm safely back from the Love Your W Event! Thanks to the cute and sexy Louis Vuitton outfit which compresses the waist, many people were interested!!hehe But I'm a bit upset that few people have put up photos that don't even show the face but only the *top of the head~;;ㅠㅡㅜㅋ http://post.ly/17r9k
*I think she's talking about the photo in which she bent forward, showing the crown of her head. This made her chest more revealing and actually made the photo focused on her chest
YEH at Seoul Fashion Week

She was attending this fashion show in the night of October 28 2010, and actually before she went to this event she was attending the "Love Your W" charity event.

Thanks to: Fresh02, angelmhine and CDBloom


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